Black Salt


Back-Off Black Salt is a potent proprietary blend crafted at Wax Spiritual. Designed to reinforce boundaries, provide protection, and ward off negative energies, it is a powerful tool for dispelling jinxes.

Widely utilised in earth spirituality paths like Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Wicca, Black Salt—also known as witch’s salt—takes centre stage in spells focused on protection and negativity removal. Folk magic suggests that it can even repel those with harmful intentions. Wax Spiritual has carefully curated this blend to fortify boundaries, deterring those who do not respect them. It’s intended for positive use, so please approach the ritual with due reverence and use it accordingly.

Instructions: After a spiritual house cleansing to eliminate negative energy, strategically place Back-Off Black Salt across doorways and windows to ensure ongoing protection, forming a shield against future negativity.
To clear away negative energy, sprinkle Back-Off Black Salt on the floor and intentionally sweep it out the door, carrying the negative energy with it.
Some practitioners may choose Back-Off Black Salt alone or in combination with Coarse Ritual Sea Salt to create ritual circles. Carrying Back-Off Black Salt on your person or car offers regular spiritual protection and absorbs negativity.

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Black Salt, also known as “Witches Salt” or “Ritual Black Salt,” is a potent ritual ingredient renowned for its protective properties. It is adept at warding off jinxes and repelling evil forces or undesirable neighbours. This spiritual tool finds its application in various earth spirituality paths, including Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Wicca.

Following a spiritual house cleansing, it is strategically placed across doorways and windows to fortify the protective shield around the home. The cleansing ritual eliminates negative energies from the living space, while the Black Salt is a vigilant guardian, ensuring lasting protection.

The versatile qualities of Black Salt extend to its ability to clear away negative energy within a space. A simple ritual involves sprinkling the salt on the floor and purposefully sweeping it out the door, carrying away all the accumulated negative energy.

Individuals often carry this protective salt in a pouch or Mojo Bag on their person or in their vehicles. They utilise it as a spiritual safeguard, regularly absorbing and dispelling negativity from their surroundings.

‘Back-Off Black Salt’ is created in-house at Wax Spiritual. Please note that it is not intended for use on the skin or for ingestion.

Considerations for Non-African Descendants Engaging with Voodoo Practices

Engaging in voodoo without a deep understanding can be disrespectful. Voodoo (or Voodun) is Rooted in African and Haitian cultures and deserves reverence. If not of African descent, approach with sensitivity, avoiding appropriation. Please educate yourself on its origins and seek guidance to prevent perpetuating stereotypes. Cultural appreciation requires understanding, respect, and humility.

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