Red Brick Dust


Red Brick Dust, also known as redding or brick dust, is a potent and revered tool in the practice of Hoodoo. Rooted in ancient beliefs in the spiritual potency of natural red ochre powder, this magical substance carries with it centuries of tradition and wisdom.

In Hoodoo, Red Brick Dust is a guardian against negative energies, evil spirits, and harmful intentions. Its vibrant red hue symbolises strength and power, forming an impenetrable barrier when sprinkled across doorways, windowsills, or property lines. Legend has it that this crimson shield prevents any malevolent force from crossing its path.

Beyond its protective prowess, Red Brick Dust serves as a purifying agent in Hoodoo rituals. Blending with other components, such as salt, creates a potent cleansing mixture, absorbing and neutralising negative energies. This ritual clears spaces, leaving them spiritually balanced and pristine.

In the realm of luck and prosperity, Red Brick Dust shines as a key ingredient. Its inherent qualities attract good fortune and prosperity, making it an ideal addition to mojo bags, sachets, or spell jars. Combined with luck-enhancing elements like lodestones and pyrite, it forms a powerful charm that invites success and positive energies into your life.

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Versatile and potent, Red Brick Dust is a cornerstone in Hoodoo. It is used for protection, purification, luck attraction, love spells, and connections with ancestors.

Use for protection and warding off evil spirits. Sprinkle across doorways or windowsills for protection and spiritual cleansing.

Depending on tradition and personal practice, there are various ways to use Red Brick Dust. Here are some examples:


1. Cleanse your door and threshold, then sprinkle red brick dust over thresholds to ward off intruders.

2. Combine with protective herbs or powders and sprinkle over thresholds for potent protection.

3. Mix with vinegar to wash doors and thresholds for enhanced protection and prosperity.

4. Mix with cinnamon and brown sugar, then wash the front door to attract quick cash.

5. Incorporate it into spell bags, bottles, and jars for diverse magical purposes.

6. Form a circle around candles for protection and prosperity spells.


Delivered in a resealable bag – 24g


Considerations for Non-African Descendants Engaging with Voodoo Practices

Engaging in voodoo without a deep understanding can be disrespectful. Voodoo (or Voodun) is Rooted in African and Haitian cultures and deserves reverence. If not of African descent, approach with sensitivity, avoiding appropriation. Please educate yourself on its origins and seek guidance to prevent perpetuating stereotypes. Cultural appreciation requires understanding, respect, and humility.

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