Abre Camino


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Dried Abre Camino herb sold Fresh. 0.25oz (7g). Abre Camino (Road Opener) is used for spells of prosperity and jinx breaking. Boil in water to create a bath or omiero. Traditional herb used in Afro-Carribean religions such Santeria and Voodoo. Uses for spells: Strength, Power, Domination, Protection, Removes Hexes and Curses, Victory in Court Cases, Breaks or Removes Evil Eye, Removes Evil Spirits, Good Luck Spells, Money Spells, Attract Clients, Break Obstacles Use for mojo bags, candles, poppets, dolls, candle work, floor sweeps and baths. Pair with other herbs for stronger effect such as Vence Batalla, Rompe Zaraguey, Vencedor, Salvia, Frescura, Artemisa. Traditionally 7 strong herbs are used for strong cleansings to break curses, spells, or remove evil spirits. Home Cleansing Spell Prepare a pot of water and place your hand over it. Say, “I call my ancestors and guides to aid me in purifying this water for the purpose of cleansing my hom

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