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Amidst the ever-changing landscape of fragrances, Florida Water has retained its authentic recipe since its inception in 1808. The cologne became an integral part of the daily lives of enslaved African Americans in the Southern United States. Forbidden from practising their African religions, they employed Florida Water in various ways—scenting bed linens, adding it to bathwater, using it for floor mopping, and even in men’s shaving routines—while outwardly conforming to Christian practices imposed upon them.

In the clandestine world of enslaved people’s practices, Florida Water became a staple in rituals, hidden within the scriptures of Psalms in the Bible to conceal Hoodoo rituals. While publicly adhering to Catholic saints, enslaved people secretly worshipped African deities, making Florida Water an essential tool in slave-based magic.

In these secret rituals, Florida Water seeped into magical and spiritual practices performed by the enslaved, gaining popularity in rituals like spiritual floor washes.

As noted by Gabriela Herstik in her 2018 book, “Craft: How To Be A Modern Witch,” Florida Water is described as “the baking soda of the magical world.” For Latinos preserving cultural traditions and spiritual practices, Florida Water is believed to be capable of performing potent and mundane deeds, connecting individuals to the spiritual realm and ancestral spirits.

“It can be added to a bath, used as a perfume, put on energy points like the third eye, sprayed in the air, and utilised to clean a counter, to name a few. The cologne’s citrusy scent means it’s both energising and purifying. It’s also said to represent the fountain of youth, which is supposedly in Florida,” Herstik explained.

Florida Water, once integral to enslaved people’s practices and spiritual traditions throughout the Caribbean, continues to be utilised by their descendants for purification, ritual offerings, attracting love, and more. While its use has become more commercialised in recent years, thanks to social media popularising it through Wiccan practices and other pagan magical traditions, its power still resonates from the deep-rooted traditions of spiritualists, persisting in the same transformative ways over the last 200 years.

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Florida Water – 7.5 oz bottle.

With its alluring floral fragrance and hints of lemon, Florida Water—named in homage to the Fountain of Youth—finds widespread use in ritual offerings and purification. It is not uncommon for some to substitute Holy water with this sacred cologne, which boasts numerous spiritual benefits and has become an essential element in Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wiccan, and Santeria practices.

Crafted by blending spices, herbs, lavender, and citrus oils, Florida Water serves as more than a simple cologne or perfume; it serves as a shield, attracting good fortune and becoming a vital component in spells aimed at blocking negativity and harmful entities.

Discover the diverse ways Florida Water can be used in your spiritual practices:

  • Room Purification: Sprinkle or spray Florida Water throughout the room to dispel heavy vibrations, especially after arguments. Ideal for empaths encountering negativity.
  • Floor Wash: Mix Florida Water into regular cleaning solutions for a purification and blessing floor wash.
  • Crystal Cleansing: Create a crystal cleansing solution by placing or spraying stones in the water. Favourable during Full or New Moon phases.
  • Ancestral Connection: Set a glass/bowl on the ancestral altar for clear messages and protection during ancestral communication.
  • Sacred Altar Cleansing: Cleanse all items on sacred altars, including the altar itself.
  • Protection Spray: Create a protection spray for spiritual defence and activate protective energies.
  • Financial Abundance: Bless your wallet by spraying onto money and carrying cowrie shells soaked in water.
  • Hand and Feet Cleansing: Wash hands and feet after contact with others.
  • Workspace Energies: Protect workspaces by keeping Florida Water near your desk to transmute negative energies.
  • Love Attraction: Attract true love or unblock obstacles by setting a bowl with a few drops near your bed while lighting a red or pink attraction candle.
  • New Space Blessing: Bless and cleanse a new space by anointing floors, windows, and doorways for protection, health, wealth, and luck.
  • Pendulum Cleanse: Rinse pendulums in the cologne after use to clear them of existing energies.
  • Spell Writing: Mix with inks when writing spells or manifesting to enhance the power of intentions.
  • Protective Cologne: Wear as a cologne for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection. Use in cleansing rituals during spiritual baths for purification.
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