Wax Spiritual is the manifestation of founder Sareta Fontaine’s lifelong spiritual journey, and through the company’s products, she channels her inner spiritual power directly into your life and environment.

Her odyssey began with childhood exposure to various religious ceremonies and rituals. Most prominently, Christian beliefs and Hinduism’s subtle influences. Later, she experienced the transcendence of spirituality above any single faith tradition as she studied Voodoo and Hoodoo. She seamlessly wove together astrology and crystal healing teachings and her and own deep connections with nature, into a unique blend she calls “spiritual work.”

Over the course of Sareta’s rich experiences and research, she has engaged with Rootworkers, Vedic Astrologers, Mediums, Tarot Readers and Reiki Healers. She has navigated the vibrant realm of Botánicas and spiritual and metaphysical boutiques across the world.

Now, she is bringing this world to you. 

In 2023, Sareta launched Wax Spiritual, a culmination of her own spiritual work, hand-crafted products and complementary collections of spiritual goods from around the world. Browse the collection online, or visit the Colchester store to immerse yourself in the physical experience. Join one of our spiritual sessions, classes, or workshops, or book yourself or a friend in for an in-store spiritual service or consultation.

Sareta’s own journey has been transformed by her experiences with authentic spiritual leaders and healers. Over time, she found they all shared a common message: The power lives within you, and you can undertake this spiritual work yourself. Our shared rituals and beliefs can resonate as manifestations of our inner power.

Sareta’s spiritual work is always guided by the intention to bring good and never harm. While her personal odyssey continues, Wax Spiritual was founded to nurture her growth and support others on their unique spiritual paths.

Our exclusive products bear Sareta’s personal touch – each one meticulously handcrafted, blessed and dressed. We offer a range of complementary items to enhance and support your spiritual journey while blending luxury into your living space aesthetic. Our portfolio discreetly assists with your desires and manifestations, breathing purposeful living and creativity into your environment.

Experience the insights of a Spiritual Consultation with Sareta at the Wax Spiritual store in Colchester. Learn more about the process and book your session by visiting our ‘Readings & Spiritual Consultations’ page.

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Wax Spiritual Exclusives

Every Wax Spiritual product is made by hand, and no two are alike. They take weeks to create, hand-finish and cure. You’ll find small imperfections and variations in shape and colour, but that’s how you’ll know its blessings are intended only for you and your spiritual practice.

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Wax Spiritual set

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