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Wax Spiritual embodies the culmination of Sareta Fontaine’s profound spiritual journey, where her inner spiritual power is channelled directly into your life and surroundings through the business’s offerings.

Born in the UK to Caribbean descendants, Sareta’s journey commenced with exposure to diverse religious ceremonies and rituals during her childhood. The intertwining influences of African spirituality and Catholicism left a lasting imprint, blending European customs and beliefs with the ancient practices of her family’s home continent. As she delved into the study of Voodoo and Hoodoo, she seamlessly wove together astrology and crystal healing teachings and her profound connections with nature, crafting a distinctive fusion she calls “spiritual work.”

Throughout her extensive experiences and research, Sareta has engaged with various spiritual practitioners, including rootworkers, numerologists, mediums, tarot readers, and Reiki healers. She has traversed the vibrant landscapes of botánicas and spiritual boutiques worldwide.

Practising Hoodoo for many years, Sareta incorporates her diverse experiences, influences, and spiritual abilities into her craft. Hoodoo, originating from enslaved African Americans in the Southern United States, blends traditional African spiritualities, Christianity, and indigenous botanical knowledge. Hoodoo is not a religion but a set of magical practices. Those who practice Hoodoo are known as rootworkers, conjure doctors, conjure men or women, and root doctors.

Spiritual Consultations

Book a spiritual consultation with Sareta, the founder and owner of Wax Spiritual.

Consultations may offer insight and clarity, potentially leading to the creation of personalised rituals for you to carry out in the comfort of your home.

Any *additional charges for specially dressed or made items may apply. However, the consultation fee is eligible for redemption and will be subtracted from the cost of the products.

*It’s important to note that there is no obligation to make additional purchases.

While spiritual consultations offer benefits, they do not substitute for mental health or occupational therapies.

Kindly be aware that consultations are available exclusively in-store; we do not accept phone calls, DMs, or emails for this service.

Wax Spiritual Consultations

Book a Spiritual Consultation with Sareta at Wax Spiritual, Colchester.


Please provide your preferred date and time in the space below. Once received, we will verify our availability and share payment details with you. To confirm your booking, kindly make the full payment for the session. If you cannot attend your reading, we request a minimum of 48 hours notice and alternative dates for rescheduling.


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