Channelled art refers to artwork created through channelling, where the artist acts as a conduit for spiritual or divine energies, messages, or inspiration. The artist may enter a meditative or trance-like state to connect with higher realms, allowing creativity to flow freely without conscious control. The resulting artwork often carries more profound meanings, symbolism, or messages believed to come from beyond the artist’s conscious mind.

Jenna is an intuitive channel and artist. Drawing inspiration from the ascended masters, angelic realm, and galactic beings, she channels the wisdom of the High Priestess and mage SaKaRa alongside her Atlantean counterpart.

Her Light Coded Artwork is meticulously crafted by hand and energetically unique. Jenna channels and creates each piece, infusing it with soul-activating light language. You can choose a desired frequency for amplification or a personal piece tailored to your soul’s unique information.

Every artwork emerges from Jenna’s connection with your higher self, galactic family, and other higher consciousnesses. Crafted with copper, “silver,” and “gold” leaf, these images enhance and amplify the frequency of the light codes.

Unlock more of ‘who’ and ‘what’ you came to Earth to embody at this pivotal historical point.

“Every image tells a soul story—encoded with signatures and light language reflecting key elements of the recipient’s soul characteristics and history, soul contract, and current Earth mission. Every image has the power to penetrate the subconscious and unlock the soul’s full potential.” – Jenna Clayton.

Channelled art

The artwork pictured is proudly showcased at the Wax Spiritual store, capturing the essence of the shop itself. As she painted, a plethora of emotions emerged. The piece exudes ancient magic and protective energy. Yet, an ancient presence watches over the shop. Jenna’s creation abounds with protective eyes, symbolising love and dynamic energy.

This bespoke artwork is not available for purchase. However, you can request Jenna’s services to create an energetically distinct ‘Light Coded’ intuitive painting.

While Jenna offers a variety of coloured paper stock, note that darker sheets provide the most significant contrast and best results.

channelled art - Wax Spiritual

Channelled Art by Jenna at Wax Spiritual, Colchester.

Intuitive Channel and Artist.

Artwork Standard Sizes + Exchange:

A5. £22
A4 or cropped to 29 x 20cm (11 x 8”). £55
A3 or cropped to fit 36 x 28cm (14 x 11”). £99
A2 or cropped to fit 51 x 41 cm (20 x 16”). £155

Jenna is more than happy to discuss larger projects or bespoke sizes.

Get in contact to work with Jenna.

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