Suzanne, founder of Sugar Soul Reiki, is a proud mother of two, a registered nurse, and Reiki Master.

After a somewhat unconventional start in life, Suzanne experienced personal loss and heartache, leading her to feel out of control and powerless. Despite trying various therapies over the years in her quest to be the best version of herself, none proved effective in filling the voids within.

Open to suggestions, Suzanne embraced the idea of Reiki when a dear friend recommended it in 2016. Having experienced profound and almost instantaneous results after just two sessions, she realised she had embarked on her healing journey. Motivated by this transformative experience, Suzanne committed to Reiki training, recognising it as her soul’s mission to heal others at a rapid pace, just as she had healed.

Since 2018, Suzanne has been providing Reiki Jin Kei Do healing treatments, channeling energy to each client within a safe, sacred space. The treatment is administered with a professional consultation and guidance for aftercare.

Functioning as an energy healer, Suzanne has observed significant changes in many clients, prompting return visits to deepen their healing and realign themselves in response to life’s challenges and lessons. Grateful and thankful, Suzanne embraces her current life circumstances, remaining present and manifesting her desires.

Suzanne lives a Reiki-infused life characterised by kindness and compassion. Incorporating Reiki principles into her daily routine, she practices self-Reiki regularly, fostering contentment and an awareness of life’s daily gifts. Through Reiki, Suzanne has transformed her pain into power and adversity into strength. Guided by her soul’s mission, she aims to lead others from darkness to the light of their highest selves, awakening their inner beings. She perceives Reiki as a natural gift from the universe, facilitating this transformative journey.

Reiki, pronounced as Ray-Ki, is a gentle yet potent energy healing technique with its origins in Japan. Conceived by Mikao Usui just over a century ago, this Japanese Buddhist’s creation has gained widespread popularity in the West. Notably, private and public health authorities, including the UK’s NHS, have recognised and embraced Reiki as a valuable method.

An increasing number of individuals are turning to Reiki in conjunction with other holistic therapies as alternatives to conventional approaches. Reiki serves multiple purposes:


  • Emotional Healing: Aids in navigating life’s emotional highs and lows.
  • Mental Healing: Offers support for those grappling with deep-seated conditions.
  • Physical Healing: Facilitates the elimination of toxins, enhancing the body’s ability to combat diseases.
  • Stress Relief: Employs powerful techniques to alleviate stress.
  • Maintenance of Positive Energy, Good Health, and a Balanced Mind and Body.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Sessions can be hands-on or off, allowing clients to choose their preferred position. During the treatment, clients may experience electrical impulses, offering emotional release and the shedding of negative energy. The process induces a deep sense of relaxation, with some clients reporting a heaviness or light out-of-body experiences. Memories may surface, and vivid colours and visions may appear in the mind’s eye.

Reiki is suitable for individuals of all ages, including the very young and elderly, pregnant women, and those recovering from surgery or dealing with terminal illnesses. It empowers individuals by releasing negative energies and replacing them with higher-frequency vibrations, showcasing the inherent strength within each person.

Reiki (1 hour) – £50
Crystals & Reiki (1 hour & 30 minutes) – £65

Reiki Healing Colchester

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