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Maureen is a renowned Psychic Medium, celebrated for her extraordinary abilities to connect with energies beyond the physical realm. Her unique insights and empathetic approach create a sacred space for individuals seeking solace.

Known for her accuracy and compassion, Maureen has a reputation as a trusted advisor, offering intuitive readings that extend beyond the mundane. Clients often turn to her to gain clarity and guidance in various life aspects, foster spiritual and personal growth, validate their intuition, find healing and closure, prepare for significant life events, and understand or validate paranormal experiences.

Psychic Medium Readings

During a session with Maureen, she endeavours to connect with the client’s energy and the spiritual realm, frequently receiving impressions and messages. Drawing from these insights, Maureen extends guidance and advice, ensuring a personalised experience. The session wraps up with an invitation for clients to ask questions or seek additional clarity.

Maureen consistently upholds a demeanour of respect and empathy, cultivating a supportive and understanding environment. Many individuals discover these encounters with Maureen to be exceptionally enlightening, offering a comforting source of guidance.

45-60mins £50.

Reiki Healing Colchester

Book a reading with Maureen at Wax Spiritual, Colchester.

Psychic medium

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Appointment Cancellation Policy Notice
Clients are allotted a 48-hour window to cancel appointments and are eligible for a full refund. Late cancellations will incur a charge equivalent to 50% of the service price. Failure to attend the scheduled appointment will result in a 100% charge.
We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. As such, clients are granted the option to reschedule appointments within 48 hours without incurring additional charges.


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