You Must Be Psychic


Chris Riley guides you on how to become more intuitive, connect with the spirit world, and protect your psychic ability from being exploited by narcissists, energy vampires, and toxic personalities. His practical guidance will help you harness your psychic potential safely and effectively.

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You Must Be Psychic: Secrets to Unlock Your Inner Power and Reveal Your Future, by Chris Riley.

Have you ever felt you had a sixth sense or experienced something you can’t quite explain? Perhaps you’ve had a strange ‘gut feeling’ about a situation that later came true. These aren’t just coincidences. In this book, the UK’s favourite celebrity psychic, Chris Riley, delves into the different aspects of the psychic gift and mediumship, providing you with tools and tips to tap into your abilities.

Accessible techniques such as meditation, tarot cards, and crystals to help you better understand your abilities and what your future holds. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your skills, Chris Riley’s expert advice will support you on your journey to unlocking your psychic power.

Chris Riley is the UK’s top-rated celebrity psychic medium, known as the “Best Loved Psychic” by his loyal fans and clients. Essex-born and passionate, Chris has built a supportive online network of talented readers who work alongside him to deliver a range of fulfilling services. His work has garnered praise from celebrities like Gemma Collins, who said, “It was so spookily accurate, no one could have known all this stuff about me.” Scott Disick remarked, “It actually turned out to be really amazing.” Clients consistently marvel at Chris’s ability to know things no one else could, making him a trusted and beloved figure in the world of psychic mediumship.

You Must Be Psychic is not just a book but a gateway to understanding and developing your inner psychic abilities, guided by one of the most trusted names in the field.

Mediumship is the practice of communicating with spirits of the deceased, allowing a medium to relay messages from the other side to those seeking connection and closure. Divination, conversely, encompasses techniques such as tarot reading, crystal gazing, and other methods to gain insight into the past, present, and future. Both practices offer profound opportunities for spiritual growth, guidance, and understanding. At Wax Spiritual, we offer diverse tools and resources to support your journey in these mystical arts. Explore our divination category to find everything you need to enhance your mediumship and divination practices.

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