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Women Who Work Too Much: Break free from toxic productivity and find your joy by Tamu Thomas offers a compassionate guide for women navigating the pressures of overwork and burnout. Thomas challenges the societal narrative of ‘having it all’ and encourages readers to prioritize self-care and establish healthier boundaries. Drawing on her expertise as a transformational coach, she provides practical strategies for reclaiming joy and fulfillment in life. This book serves as a manifesto for change in redefining success and embracing personal well-being.

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Women Who Work Too Much Book by Tamu Thomas, challenges the pervasive myth of “having it all”, inviting readers to question whether they truly desire the relentless pursuit of productivity. Thomas addresses the common struggles faced by women who feel compelled to constantly say ‘yes’ and overextend themselves in pursuit of societal ideals.

This book serves as a compassionate guide for those who are ready to confront the toll of toxic productivity on their well-being. Thomas offers a healing approach, urging readers to listen to the internal alarms of stress, burnout, and discontent. Through introspection and practical guidance, she empowers women to establish healthier boundaries, prioritise self-care, and reclaim their joy.

The Women Who Work Too Much book is a manifesto for change, advocating for a shift away from the culture of overwork towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Thomas draws on her experience as a transformational coach and somatic movement practitioner to provide insights and strategies for personal growth and transformation.

Through her values-driven coaching business, Live Three Sixty, Thomas has supported countless women in breaking free from the shackles of overachievement and finding greater fulfilment. With empathy and wisdom, she encourages readers to embrace self-compassion, redefine success on their own terms, and create lives that honour their well-being and authenticity.

Women Who Work Too Much is a powerful call to action for women to reclaim agency over their lives, cultivate resilience, and thrive in alignment with their true desires and values.

“Women Who Work Too Much is a defiant act of sisterhood that reminds women that we can undo that which functions to undo us.” – Kelechi Okafor, actor, director, and best-selling author.

“We are going through a mass awakening when it comes to the way we work and why – and this is the practical guidebook we all need.” – Emma Gannon, journalist, broadcaster, and The Sunday Times best-selling author.

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