Uncrossing Spell Oil


Break free from negativity and create a shield of protection with our powerful Spiritual Oil. Whether aiming to break a curse, banish bad luck, or dispel unwanted energies, this oil is crafted to neutralise adversity and pave the way for positive influences. Drawing inspiration from ancient rituals, our ancestors harnessed the healing powers of herbs, plants, and roots, believing in the transformative effects of spiritual oils.

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Uncrossing Spell Oil. Unlock the potential of this aromatic blend by anointing candles, ritual tools, or everyday items. Your spiritual oil becomes a conduit for magickal power, infusing mundane objects with energy and empowering ritual tools. Immerse yourself in the symbolic and occult significance of herbal and floral essences that define the aroma, enhancing your spiritual practices and spellcraft.

How to use Spell/Conjour oils: Take a moment to connect with your inner source of personal power, repeating daily or as needed until the bottle is finished. Expand its versatility by anointing objects like mojo bags, lottery tickets, photos, or statues for many spiritual purposes.

Traditionally, Uncrossing Spell Oil is also used by dabbing on your wrists, behind the ear, or other pulse points. However, the Circe Boutique  spell oil range ingredients are unavailable.

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