The Teen Witches’ Guide to Tarot


The Teen Witches’ Guide to Tarot: Discover the secret forces of the universe…and unlock your own hidden power! By Claire Philip introduces tarot for teens, empowering self-discovery and intuition. With vibrant illustrations and clear explanations, readers learn to interpret tarot cards, fostering deep connections and offering insightful readings. This essential guide equips young women to embark on their own tarot journey, embracing their inner magic and charmed existence. Part of the Teen Witches’ Guides series, it’s ideal for readers aged 10+, exploring various mystical arts like palm reading and crystal healing, perfect for those intrigued by Wicca and divination.

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The Teen Witches’ Guide to Tarot by Claire Philip, illustrated by Luna Valentine. Uncover the mystical art of tarot and awaken your intuition with this essential guide tailored for teens seeking a more magickal and empowered life!

Discover the wonders of the tarot and develop your intuition with this invaluable guide to a timeless practice. It’s a must-have for any teen who wants to live a more magical, empowered life. With starter spreads and detailed explanations of the cards, this book provides everything you’ll need to get started on your tarot journey. Learn to listen to messages from the Universe, and connect deeply with yourself and others with this magical book!

For centuries, tarot has served as a profound tool for self-discovery. Delve into this enchanting book to tap into universal messages and forge deep connections with yourself and others.

Featuring vibrant illustrations and straightforward explanations, this guide equips you with the skills to interpret both Major and Minor Arcana cards, empowering you to embark on your own tarot journey. Learn to read your own cards and even offer insightful readings for friends with this captivating companion.

The Teen Witches’ Guide to Tarot is a must-have for any young woman ready to unleash her inner magick and embrace a charmed existence! Ideal for readers aged 10+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Dive into the Teen Witches’ Guides series to explore palm reading, crystal healing, and other mystical arts. With contemporary illustrations, these practical guides are perfect for readers intrigued by Wicca, divination, and other hidden arts.

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