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The Mexican Witch Lifestyle: Brujeria spells, tarot, and crystal magic by Valeria Ruelas Brujeria is an essential guide to modern Mexican witchcraft, or brujeria. Rooted in Afro-Indigenous beliefs, this book covers crystals, altars, tarot, spells, and the revered figure of Santa Muerte. Ruelas, a renowned witchcraft author and spiritual teacher, shares her expertise to empower readers with the wisdom and spirituality of brujeria. This comprehensive handbook offers practical guidance and insights into the vibrant culture of Mexican witchcraft.

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The Mexican Witch Lifestyle book by Valeria Ruelas Brujeria offers an enlightening exploration into the world of modern Mexican witchcraft, or brujeria. Rooted in Afro-Indigenous beliefs, brujeria encompasses tarot reading, spellwork, and crystal magic, forming a unique spiritual practice celebrated in Latinx communities worldwide.

Drawing from her upbringing and expertise, Ruelas provides a comprehensive handbook for those curious about brujeria. The book covers essential topics such as common crystals, altar setup, tarot basics, and spells for luck, love, and prosperity. Additionally, readers gain insight into the revered figure of Santa Muerte and learn how to respectfully navigate yerberias and botanicas for spiritual supplies.

Ruelas’s approach to brujeria is both empowering and inclusive, emphasising the restoration of ancestral magic and reclaiming lost agency. Through her daily practice, she seeks to share the wisdom, harmony, and spirituality inherent in brujeria with her followers.

As a prominent figure in the witchcraft community, Ruelas’s influence extends beyond the pages of her book. She is celebrated for her contributions to witchcraft literature, tarot reading, and spiritual teaching. Recognised by platforms like Spotify’s “Viva Latino” and Cosmopolitan magazine, Ruelas continues to inspire and educate others about the rich traditions of Mexican witchcraft.

The Mexican Witch Lifestyle book serves as a gateway to the vibrant culture of brujeria, offering practical guidance and spiritual insights for those seeking to embrace their inner witch. With Ruelas’s guidance, readers embark on a transformative journey to discover the magic and wisdom within Mexican witchcraft.

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