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The Light of Sex: Initiation, Magic, and Sacrament by Maria de Naglowska introduces her revolutionary religious system, emphasising mystic sexual practices and the divine feminine. Translated with an introduction by Donald Traxler, the book sheds light on Naglowska’s visionary teachings and her role in the Western Mystery tradition. It offers insights into her spiritually transformative practices, which aimed to reconcile light and dark forces through the union of masculine and feminine energies.

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The Light of Sex book by Maria de Naglowska offers an unprecedented glimpse into her revolutionary religious system, previously unavailable in English. As a Russian mystic and occultist, Naglowska introduced esoteric practices that aimed to reconcile light and dark forces through the union of masculine and feminine energies, centered on her concept of the Third Term of the Trinity.

At the core of Naglowska’s teachings is the recognition of the divine feminine as the Holy Spirit, challenging traditional Christian doctrine. Through mystic sexual practices and reverence for the feminine spirit, Naglowska believed in the potential for spiritual growth, regeneration, and enlightenment. Her work emphasises the transformative power of sex as a pathway to soul development and the enlightenment of humanity.

The Light of Sex book serves as both a mystic treatise and a guide to the sexually charged rituals practiced by Naglowska’s group, La confrérie de la Flèche d’Or (The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow). These rituals, which caused a sensation in 1930s Paris, were considered essential for initiation into Naglowska’s magical tradition. Naglowska emerges as a powerful visionary, renowned for her psychic abilities and her significant contribution to the Western Mystery tradition.

Translated from French by Donald Traxler, this edition includes an introduction and notes that provide context and insight into Naglowska’s teachings. By making Naglowska’s work accessible to English-speaking audiences, “The Light of Sex” offers an opportunity to explore the depths of her mystical philosophy and the transformative potential of her esoteric practices. It stands as a testament to Naglowska’s enduring influence on the spiritual landscape and her role in shaping the evolution of Western esotericism.

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