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The Kickass Coven serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of modern witchcraft, offering not only a guide to magical practices but also a celebration of the empowering bonds formed within a coven. With its engaging style and wealth of magical wisdom, this book beckons to be embraced by the bookshelves of modern witches everywhere. Step into the world of magical camaraderie and transformative empowerment with Amelia Wood’s spellbinding creation.

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The Kickass Coven Book: How to create a witchy sisterhood to empower yourself and change the world, by Amelia Wood.

In this contemporary age, as the allure of modern witchcraft continues to rise, Wood's latest volume becomes a beacon for those seeking to forge connections with fellow practitioners. Unveiling the secrets to amplify magical prowess and construct a supportive magical community, the book guides readers on the transformative journey of forming a coven.

Discover the potent synergy that emerges when like-minded witches unite. The Kickass Coven explores the art of organising, enabling practitioners to achieve collective goals and share an arsenal of spells, rituals, and enchantments. Amelia Wood, in her accessible and friendly writing style, invites readers to embrace the strength of collective magical energy.

Within the pages of this enchanting guide, readers will unearth a collection of spells and rituals tailor-made for trying with their newly formed coven. Wood's expertise and insights create a roadmap for modern witches eager to deepen their craft and foster a sense of sisterhood. Aspiring witches and seasoned practitioners alike will find this book an indispensable addition to their mystical journey.


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