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Illuminate your path with the Star Spinner Tarot by Trungles, where fairies dance, mermaids yearn, and the magickal blends seamlessly with the familiar. Renowned indie comic artist Trungles brings his enchanting illustrative style to this tarot deck, offering a fresh and inclusive interpretation of classic tarot imagery. Drawing from diverse stories, myths, and fairy tales, the Star Spinner Tarot offers a unique journey through the tarot landscape.

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Star Spinner Tarot is a modern and inclusive deck of tarot cards reimagined by Trungles. Let the stars illuminate your path as you enter a world where fairies frolic, mermaids yearn, and familiar threads weave together to guide you on your personal journey. Featuring the enchanting illustrative style of beloved indie comic artist Trungles, this tarot deck offers a fresh interpretation of classic tarot imagery, reflecting a more diverse and inclusive view of the modern world. The deck’s illustrations draw from a rich tapestry of stories, myths, and fairy tales.

This set includes 81 full-colour cards and a 160-page guidebook, making it an ideal gift for tarot enthusiasts and anyone seeking guidance and personal growth. Whether exploring tarot for the first time or seeking a modern, diverse, or LGBTQ+ perspective, the Star Spinner Tarot offers a unique and inclusive approach. Unlike traditional tarot decks with 78 cards, this set contains 81 cards, including multiple Lovers cards that reflect a range of romantic expressions and identities.

Trung Le Nguyen, also known as Trungles, is a Vietnamese-American comic book artist and storyteller based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has contributed to various publications specialising in the romance genre. His debut original graphic novel, “The Magic Fish,” was released on October 13, 2020, through Random House Graphic.

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