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Meticulously crafted to align with your unique intentions. Each spell candle is carefully selected and infused with herbs, powders, and roots, chosen for their specific energetic properties. Anointed with high-quality conjure oils, our candles are designed to assist you within your own practice.

Our Spell Candle Ritual is not just a product; it’s a personalised journey tailored to your unique spiritual path. Whether you are devoted to particular deities or energies or just beginning to explore your spiritual practice, we provide a customised guide to enhance your ritual experience. Please share details of your practice or religious background below, enabling us to align the ritual closely with your beliefs and intentions. Worry not for those new to this practice or who may feel uncertain. We offer this service to craft a ritual that resonates with your needs, ensuring a fulfilling and enlightening experience. Each candle is carefully selected and charged with intent, accompanied by detailed instructions and insights to aid your spiritual journey.

Please note that items such as candle holders and preparatory elements like Sage or Florida Water are not included. This allows you to personalise your ritual with items that resonate with your spiritual journey.

Please complete the form below with all the information relevant to your situation and intention. Please add your email so we can message you if we need further information or have any questions. All information submitted is completely confidential and will not be stored or shared under any condition.

All bespoke items are non-returnable and non-refundable. The photograph is for illustrative purposes only; all items are unique and vary depending on their purpose.

Spiritual consultations are also available, and you can find more information here.


A bespoke small spell candle ritual unique to your personal intentions. Our process begins by meticulously infusing a spell candle with a blend of herbs, powders, and roots, each selected for its distinct energetic properties that align with your desires. The candles are then anointed with our exclusive high-quality conjure oils, each formula crafted to enhance and direct the energy where it is needed most. Whether you seek to attract love, manifest wealth, or foster protection, our custom spell candles are believed to be a powerful tool in your spiritual practice, aiding you in channelling your intentions into the universe.

Candle magick, a practice rich with history and tradition, is an aspect of spellwork that harnesses the transformative power of fire to manifest intentions. For beginners, it is essential to understand the basics: colours play a significant role, as each hue corresponds to different energies and goals; for instance, green is often associated with prosperity and growth, while red may be used for passion and strength. The act of dressing infuses the candle with the materials’ properties and your focused intent.

It is crucial to set a clear and specific intention for your spell candle ritual; lighting the candle is where the magick begins to take shape. As the flame ignites, envision your intention being released into the universe, the smoke carrying your desires to the ether. It is a meditative practice where the practitioner must focus deeply on the goal, visualising it as already achieved. The way the candle burns can also offer insights; a steady, strong flame might suggest that your intentions are clear and being received, while a weak or flickering flame could indicate the need for more focus or a reevaluation of the intention.

Once the candle has burned down, it’s essential to properly dispose of any remaining wax or debris in a way that respects the work done and the elements involved. Some traditions suggest burying the remnants near your home if the spell was for attraction or away from your property if it was for banishment.

Candle magick is a personal and powerful practice that connects the practitioner to the natural world and the elements. It requires respect, focus, and an understanding of the materials. For those just beginning their journey into candle magick, patience and practice are key, as is the willingness to learn and adapt one’s practices. With time, candle magick can become a deeply fulfilling part of any spiritual or magickal practice.

Custom spell candle rituals are made to order; we only accept orders with moral intentions. Whether you call it spellwork, manifestation, or prayer, our products are made to assist your own practice.

Common orders: Banish Unwanted Spirits, Blessings, Change Luck, Clarity, Collect Debt, Commanding, Confidence, Connect With Spirits, Court Case, Cut Ties, Disarm Enemies, Exam Revision, Exam Success, Fast Luck, Focus, Friendship, Full Moon, Grief, Grounding, Happy Family, Happy Marriage, Health, Healing, Inner Strength, Jinx Removal, Keeping Money, Letting Go, Lover’s Attraction, Meditation, Money Attraction, New Business, New Lover, New Moon, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Psychic Protection, Prosperity, Protection, Remove Blockage, Reverse Evil, Road Opener (New Opportunities), Same Sex Attraction, Self-Love, Sexual Energy, Stop Gossip, Successful Business, Success, Uncrossing.

Do get in touch if you would like to book a consultation to assist with your requirements. Spiritual consultations are sessions where individuals seek guidance, support, or insights into their spiritual journey, personal growth, or overall well-being. Meaningful conversations are held to understand and address individuals’ concerns, questions, or challenges in various aspects of life, such as relationships, life purpose, and spiritual development. Bespoke rituals, including spell candles, may be offered to assist with your issue.

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