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“This is Fun Art” depiction of the 2019 film, Saint Maud. Perfect for horror and mystery enthusiasts. Directed by Rose Glass, Saint Maud offers a chilling exploration of faith, madness, and salvation within a dark and troubled world.

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Saint Maud Artwork by “This is Fun Art” captures the essence of the film, evoking its haunting themes and enigmatic atmosphere with artistic flair. Ideal for discerning horror fans and aficionados of thought-provoking cinema, this striking artwork brings the world of Saint Maud to life.

Saint Maud is not a historical or religious figure in the traditional sense, but rather the title character of the 2019 psychological horror film “Saint Maud,” written and directed by Rose Glass. In the film, Maud is portrayed as a devout and troubled hospice nurse obsessed with saving her dying patient’s soul. The story delves into themes of religious fervour, mental instability, and the blurred lines between faith and madness.

It’s important to note that “Saint Maud” is a work of fiction and does not depict a historical saint or religious figure. The character of Maud serves as a compelling exploration of psychological and spiritual turmoil within the context of a horror narrative.

Sarah Sumeray, known for her “This is Fun Art,” is a talented digital artist specialising in retro comic-inspired illustrations and reimagining pop culture icons as vintage cartoons. Working primarily on Procreate, Sarah’s distinctive style brings a nostalgic charm to her artwork, infusing it with playful energy and whimsical details.

Sarah’s impressive client list includes renowned names such as The Cure, Jack White, The Smashing Pumpkins, Archie Comics, BFI (British Film Institute), Bottleneck Gallery, and Gallery 1988. Her collaborations with these notable clients attest to her ability to capture the essence of beloved characters and musicians, transforming them into delightful, retro-inspired visual narratives.

Through her work, Sarah Sumeray invites viewers to rediscover familiar themes and personalities through a lens of vintage aesthetics and comic book flair. Her unique approach to digital art celebrates the timeless appeal of pop culture, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with fans and collectors alike. Sarah’s portfolio is a testament to her creativity and passion for merging classic comic art with contemporary pop culture, making her a standout figure in digital illustration.

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