Rue is known for its protective and purifying properties, rue is used in various traditions with respect and intention.

In spell work, rue is often used for:

Protection: Create shields against negative energies, curses, and malevolent forces. It’s incorporated into protective sachets, amulets, or charms carried to ward off harm.

Banishing and Uncrossing: Rue is believed to break hexes, remove obstacles, and dispel negativity. It’s used in rituals aimed at clearing away unwanted influences or breaking curses.

Healing and Cleansing: Used in purification rituals to cleanse spaces, objects, or individuals of spiritual impurities. It’s burned as incense or infused into cleansing baths.

Enhancing Psychic Abilities: Associated with enhancing intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic awareness. It’s used to stimulate spiritual insights and promote divination practices.

Attracting Good Luck: Rue is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and success. It’s added to prosperity spells, money-drawing rituals, or charm bags to attract positive energies.

Protection During Handling: Due to its potency, wear gloves or wash hands thoroughly after handling rue to avoid skin irritation or sensitivity.


Rue, also known as “Ruda” in Spanish, a revered herb with centuries of spiritual and ritual use. It is believed to cleanse spaces and objects, offering protective qualities believed to ward off negativity. This versatile herb is favoured in ceremonies to create a shield of protection around individuals and homes, as well as to break curses and attract love and good fortune.

The herb plays a pivotal role in protection and cleansing rituals in traditions like Santeria, Hoodoo, and West-African religions. It’s regarded as a powerful tool against negative energy and malevolent spirits, often incorporated into herbal infusions, incense, and oils for purification and spiritual fortification. Rue is especially prominent in purification baths and floor washes, where it’s used to rid the body and environment of harmful influences.

In Pagan, Wiccan, and Folk Magic traditions, the herb is celebrated for its protective properties against curses and the Evil Eye. Associated with planets like Mars and Saturn, it is linked with goddesses Hecate and Diana, making it a staple in banishing rituals and spells. The herb is used to create protective charms, anoint candles, and infuse incense blends for purification and safeguarding.

A versatile herb with deep spiritual significance, is widely employed in rituals and practices for protection and cleansing. It is found in herbal infusions, incense, oils, perfumes, and candles, adding a purifying touch to spiritual ceremonies. In spiritual baths and floor washes, rue is used to cleanse and purify both body and surroundings.

Rue candles are revered for their ability to provide spiritual protection and ward off negative energy. In the realm of spell work and magic, rue candles are often inscribed with specific symbols or words to enhance their efficacy.

Since the herb can cause skin irritation in some individuals, it’s essential to exercise caution when using it.

Proper disposal of rue after a ritual is a matter of respect and gratitude. One method is to bury the rue in the earth, allowing it to return to nature’s cycle. Another approach is to burn it, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Burning rue as an offering to spiritual entities, like Orishas, is believed to cleanse and purify the environment and dispel negative energy.

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