Rompe Saraguey


Rompe Saraguey is revered in Afro-Caribbean spiritual traditions for its potent cleansing and protective properties. Whether used in spellwork, rituals, or religious ceremonies, this herb is believed to break down barriers, clear pathways, and remove obstacles, allowing practitioners to navigate their spiritual journey with clarity, purity, and divine protection.


Rompe Saraguey, also known as Rue, is a powerful botanical used in various metaphysical and spiritual practices for its cleansing and protective properties. This herb is highly respected in Afro-Caribbean traditions like Santeria and Hoodoo, where it is valued for its ability to break through barriers and remove obstacles. In religious contexts, Rompe Saraguey is associated with Eleggua, the Orisha of crossroads and openings, making it a vital component in rituals to clear paths and remove spiritual blockages.

In spellwork, Rompe Saraguey is often used to dispel negative energies, hexes, and curses. It is employed in rituals for spiritual purification and energetic cleansing, both of individuals and spaces. This herb is believed to be able to break through stagnant energies and remove unwanted influences, promoting clarity and renewal. Rompe Saraguey can be incorporated into baths, floor washes, or smudging ceremonies to purify the aura and create a protective barrier against malevolent forces.
One common spellwork practice involving Rompe Saraguey is the preparation of cleansing baths or spiritual washes. Infusions or decoctions of the herb are used to bathe individuals seeking spiritual purification or protection from negative influences. Washing with Rompe Saraguey is believed to cleanse the soul, remove spiritual impurities, and restore balance. Additionally, Rompe Saraguey can be sprinkled around doorways or thresholds to create a barrier against harmful energies and unwanted visitors.

In religious ceremonies and rituals dedicated to Eleggua or other Orishas associated with openings and pathways, Rompe Saraguey plays a significant role. It is often used as an offering to invoke blessings, open doors to opportunities, and facilitate spiritual communication. Rompe Saraguey is considered an essential tool for practitioners seeking divine intervention, guidance, or protection in their spiritual journey.

Ritual To Aid Spiritual Communication

Gather Your Supplies:


  1. Choose a quiet and sacred space where you can focus without interruptions.
  2. Place your supplies on a clean altar or table. Light the charcoal and prepare the incense.
  3. Begin by lighting the white candle. Set your intention for clear and effective communication with the spiritual realm.
  4. Take a moment to ground yourself and connect with your spiritual guides or ancestors. Call upon them respectfully to assist you in this ritual.
  5. Mix the Rompe Saraguey with the other herbs, Frankincense or Myrrh resin, and Mugwort in the small bowl or dish. Hold the bowl in your hands and envision the blend as a powerful conduit for spiritual energy and clarity.
  6. Speak your intention aloud or silently. For example, say, “With this herb blend, I seek to open the channels of spiritual communication and receive divine guidance.”
  7. Dress the white candle with Psychic Vision Oil by gently rubbing the oil from the centre to the top and bottom of the candle. This step enhances your connection to the spiritual realm.
  8. Place your offering near the candle as a gesture of respect and gratitude to the spirits.
  9. Invoke the spirits you wish to communicate with, calling upon ancestors, spirit guides, or deities associated with communication (such as Mercury or Eleggua in hoodoo).
  10. Take a pinch of the herb blend and sprinkle it over the charcoal. As the herbs burn, visualize any barriers to spiritual communication dissipating.
  11. Write down your questions, intentions, or messages on paper. Hold the paper close to the candle flame to activate your words.
  12. Sit quietly in meditation, focusing on your breath and staying open to receiving insights or messages from the spiritual realm.
  13. Pay attention to any sensations, images, or thoughts that come to you during this time.
  14. Thank the spirits, ancestors, or deities for their presence and guidance.
  15. Allow the candle to burn down safely or snuff it out with a snuffer; never blow it out.
  16. Dispose of any remaining herb blend respectfully, returning it to the earth as an offering.

This ritual can be adapted and personalised based on your spiritual beliefs and practices. Approach this work with reverence, humility, and an open heart to receive the wisdom and guidance of the unseen realms.

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