Raw Cherry Quartz Crystal


This nurturing and therapeutic crystal serves as a gentle reminder of your inherent worthiness of divine love.

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Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of the Raw Cherry Quartz Crystal, a captivating gemstone infused with the nurturing energy of the moon. This exquisite crystal, with an approximate size ranging from 1 to 1.5 inches, serves as a conduit for tranquility and healing, inviting peace into the depths of your heart.

Cherry Quartz, despite its name, is a man-made crystal crafted from natural reconstituted quartz and cinnabar. It embodies a soft, soothing pink hue reminiscent of cherry blossoms, creating a visual and energetic resonance with love and peace. The crystal is believed to hold properties that can help you channel the moon’s calming and nurturing energy.

Hold the crystal during moments of reflection or meditation to create a serene connection with the moon’s influence. Let the crystal’s supportive and healing energies remind you of your worthiness of divine love. As you cradle this crystal, envision the moon’s gentle glow enveloping you, bringing a sense of peace and reassurance.

This crystal acts as a constant companion, offering its calming influence in times of stress or emotional turbulence. Place it on your bedside table, carry it in your pocket, or incorporate it into your crystal grid work to enhance its soothing presence in your daily life.

As a product of nature, each Raw Cherry Quartz Crystal is a unique creation, varying in size and appearance. This individuality adds to its charm, emphasizing the personal journey and energy that each crystal possesses.


  • Crystal Type: Raw Cherry Quartz
  • Size: Approximately 1-1.5 inches
  • Each crystal is unique and may vary in size and appearance.

Embrace the tranquil energy of the Raw Cherry Quartz Crystal, and let it be a guiding light on your journey towards peace and self-love. Allow the soothing pink hues and moon-inspired energies to create a sacred space within your heart, reminding you of the divine love that surrounds and uplifts you.

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