Purification Ritual 7-Day Candle with Quartz Lemurian, Selenite & Clear Quartz


Embark on a sacred journey of purification and renewal with our Purification Ritual 7-Day Candle, carefully crafted with the potent energies of Quartz Lemurian, Selenite, and Clear Quartz. This candle is a sanctuary of purity, designed to cleanse your space, spirit, and mind.

This candle is made to order. Please allow 7 days for delivery. 

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Illuminate your sacred space with the Purification Ritual 7-Day Candle, and let the combined energies of Quartz Lemurian, Selenite, and Clear Quartz guide you through a week of profound cleansing and renewal. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to purification rituals, this candle serves as a beacon for those on a journey of spiritual purification and transformation.

Quartz Lemurian, revered for its connection to ancient wisdom and spiritual insight, anchors the ritual with its high vibrational frequencies. Selenite, a powerful cleanser and energy amplifier, works in harmony with Clear Quartz to create a trinity of purifying energies, facilitating a profound purification experience.

As you kindle the Purification Ritual 7-Day Candle, envision the gentle glow infusing your space with the purifying essence of Quartz Lemurian, Selenite, and Clear Quartz. Allow the uplifting energy to cleanse away stagnant vibrations, promoting clarity and renewal. The 7-day duration signifies a dedicated period for sustained purification, allowing the ritual to unfold gradually.

Throughout the week, take moments to set intentions for purification, release old energies, and invite in a fresh sense of clarity. The combination of these crystals amplifies the candle’s effectiveness, making it a powerful tool for those seeking a deeper spiritual purification experience.

Start your ritual after cleansing your space with Florida Water, incense, or your chosen method. Light your candle and recite your chosen religious prayer or your personal intentions. Burn at the same time every day for seven days, keeping it lit for no more than four hours each time.

Always supervise your burning candle. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Dressed candles contain flammable oils and botanicals. Before lighting candle, trim wick to 1/4 inch and only use the original glass vessel for burning.

Pregnant individuals are strongly advised to refrain from using products that contain essential oils. If in doubt, seek advice from a medical or healthcare professional.

After completing the ritual, you can discard the jar, reuse it, or return it to Wax Spiritual for a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Safety information for burning candles:

  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Trim the wick during burning, with coated candles like these possibly requiring more frequent trims for an even burn.
  • Always extinguish the flame before trimming the wick.
  • Trim the wick to 0.5cm each time.
  • Keep lit candles away from children, pets, and flammable objects.
  • Place candles out of direct sunlight and away from drafts and heat sources.
  • Burn candles upright, securely standing in a heat-resistant candle holder.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 10cm between burning candles.

Note: Blowing out candles in spiritual practices, rituals, or spell work is discouraged due to its potential energy disruption, symbolic implications of negating intentions, risk of introducing impurities, deviation from customary practices, and safety concerns such as hot wax splatter.

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