Pouch – available in four colours


The possibilities are limitless – whether sold individually or paired with small treasures, a pouch redefines the art of gifting and storage. Choose from classic black, passionate red, regal purple, or rustic hessian to complement your style and preferences.

Our pouches can also be used as Mojo Bags, also known as spell pouches or charm bags. The small fabric pouches can be filled with various ingredients and objects designed to carry specific magickal intentions.


Our Pouches are a fusion of luxury and versatility. Available in an array of rich hues – black velvet, red velvet, purple velevt, and hessian – each pouch is meticulously crafted with a subtle stretch and a soft touch, these pouches offer a tactile experience that elevates how you carry and protect your treasures.

Designed for multifunctional use, these pouches are perfect for safeguarding an array of small items, from botanicals and curios to crystals, rings, earrings, and necklaces. The drawstring pull ensures effortless closure, providing a secure cocoon for your cherished possessions.

Whether used as a Mojo Bag or spell pouch, each bag is created with a purpose, and the colours used can enhance or amplify the desired effects. Here’s a breakdown of common colours and their corresponding uses:

Red: Associated with passion, love, courage, and vitality. They are used in spells related to romantic relationships, physical energy, and assertiveness.

Pink: Used for matters of love, affection, and friendship. They promote harmony, compassion, and emotional healing.

Green: Represent prosperity, abundance, growth, and fertility. They are used for spells related to money, success, and good fortune.

Yellow: Associated with intellect, communication, and creativity. They promote mental clarity, inspiration, and confidence.

Blue: Used for peace, tranquillity, healing, and spiritual protection. They help calm emotions, promote serenity, and enhance intuition.

Purple: Linked to spirituality, wisdom, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth. They aid in meditation, divination, and accessing higher realms.

Black: Used for protection, banishing negativity, and absorbing unwanted energies. They create a shield against harm and psychic attacks.

White: Symbolise purity, cleansing, and spiritual enlightenment. They are used for purification rituals, clarity of purpose, and connecting with higher energies.

When creating a mojo bag, choose the colour that aligns with your intention and fill it with corresponding herbs, crystals, talismans, or personal items. Charge the mojo bag with your intention, carry it with you, place it under your pillow, or keep it in a sacred space to manifest your desired outcomes. Remember to recharge or replace the contents to maintain their potency periodically; this can be done with Florida Water, Sage or your preferred method.

Whether accompanying you on travels or gracing the display of your treasures, our pouches add a touch of sophistication to every moment. Elevate your everyday rituals and gifting experiences with these exquisite pouches, celebrating the union of timeless elegance and modern versatility.

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Black velvet, Red velvet, Purple velvet, Hessian

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