Positive Vibes Cleansing Water


Positive Vibes Cleansing Water is formulated to cleanse and uplift people, tools, and spaces. Packaged in a convenient 7.5oz bottle, this cleansing water has a subtle aroma of white sage and lavender, with essential oils and botanicals, creating a powerful and versatile tool for energy purification.

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Positive Vibes Cleansing Water can be used in various ways to enhance spiritual and emotional well-being. It can be sprayed around living spaces, work areas, or on personal items to clear negative energies and invite positivity. Adding it to a bucket of mop water transforms routine cleaning into a potent method for energetically transforming a space. When used in a bath, it helps to imbue the bather with serenity and a lasting sense of peace, making it a perfect addition to self-care rituals.

Positive Vibes Cleansing Water is valued for its ability to remove mental blocks, provide clarity, and lift confusion. The subtle aroma of white sage and lavender not only refreshes the environment but also works on a metaphysical level to promote a calm and focused state of mind. This cleansing water is a vital element acknowledged since ancient times for its role in spiritual and energy work. By removing unwanted energies, it ensures that these energies do not interfere with rituals or daily life, allowing for a more harmonious existence.

Positive Vibes Cleansing Water is a multifaceted tool for energy cleansing and emotional uplifting. Its use in various aspects of daily life reflects a deep connection to ancient practices, making it a valuable addition to modern wellness routines.

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7.5 oz bottle.

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