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“This is Fun Art” presents artwork inspired by the 1892 film Poltergeist. This striking piece beautifully captures the film’s eerie essence and supernatural intrigue, invoking its timeless themes with artistic flair. Ideal for aficionados of vintage horror and classic cinema, this artwork offers a unique and haunting interpretation of the iconic Poltergeist story.

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Poltergeist artwork has evolved over the years, reflecting the enduring impact of the iconic 1982 film directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg. Artists have drawn inspiration from the film’s eerie themes, supernatural elements, and memorable scenes to create compelling visual interpretations.

The film Poltergeist follows the harrowing experiences of the Freeling family, whose suburban home becomes haunted by malevolent spirits. One of the most iconic scenes features young Carol Anne Freeling (played by Heather O’Rourke) standing in front of a static-filled television screen, mesmerised by supernatural forces communicating through the TV set. This chilling moment, where Carol Anne announces, “They’re here,” has become synonymous with the film’s eerie atmosphere and paranormal mystery.

This Fun Art’s Poltergeist artwork captures the haunting intensity of the iconic scene. It depicts Carol Anne standing before the television, her expression both curious and unnerved by the paranormal activity unfolding before her. The artwork pays homage to the film’s chilling atmosphere and enduring impact on the horror genre, offering fans a visual representation of one of Poltergeist’s most memorable and unsettling moments.

Sarah Sumeray, known for her “This is Fun Art,” is a talented digital artist specialising in retro comic-inspired illustrations and reimagining pop culture icons as vintage cartoons. Working primarily on Procreate, Sarah’s distinctive style brings a nostalgic charm to her artwork, infusing it with playful energy and whimsical details.

Sarah’s impressive client list includes renowned names such as The Cure, Jack White, The Smashing Pumpkins, Archie Comics, BFI (British Film Institute), Bottleneck Gallery, and Gallery 1988. Her collaborations with these notable clients attest to her ability to capture the essence of beloved characters and musicians, transforming them into delightful, retro-inspired visual narratives.

Through her work, Sarah Sumeray invites viewers to rediscover familiar themes and personalities through a lens of vintage aesthetics and comic book flair. Her unique approach to digital art celebrates the timeless appeal of pop culture, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with fans and collectors alike. Sarah’s portfolio is a testament to her creativity and passion for merging classic comic art with contemporary pop culture, making her a standout figure in digital illustration.

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