Orris Root


Use for popularity, persuasiveness, personal success, and love. Carry it in a mojo bag or place it on your altar to attract love and success. Whether woven into protective charms, love spells, or purification rituals, the versatility and potency of Orris Root continue to inspire those who seek a deeper connection with the mystical realms.

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Orris Root, also known as Queen Elizabeth Root is a revered and versatile herb deeply embedded in the tapestry of spiritual and magical traditions. With a history spanning centuries, this potent herb has found its place in various practices. It is believed to be a conduit for love, protection, divination, and spirit communication.

Practitioners often harness its energy to craft protective sachets or talismans, forming a shield against negative forces and unwanted energies.

Love Magick:
Orris Root is believed to have enchanting properties to attract and sustain love and affection. Whether seeking a new romance or fortifying an existing bond, Orris Root is a key ingredient in the practitioner’s arsenal.

Add to incense blends designed for divination and heightened intuition. Its inclusion is believed to enhance the connection between the practitioner and the spiritual realms, facilitating a clearer channel for receiving insights and guidance.

Spirit Communication:
The fragrant smoke of burning Orris Root is thought to open doorways to the spirit realm. Practitioners engage in rituals involving aromatic tendrils to establish a sacred space conducive to communication with spirits, ancestors, or other ethereal entities.

Orris Root participates in purifying rituals, contributing to the cleansing of spaces and objects during smudging ceremonies. Its purifying properties make it an essential component in spiritual practices aimed at removing negativity and restoring balance.

Delivered in a resealable bag – 5g

Before incorporating any new herb, root or powder into your practices, it’s crucial to know that certain herbs may have potential side effects. Conduct thorough research and consider consulting with a healthcare professional before use. Refrain from using the product if you have known allergies or are allergic to any ingredients.

Store them in a clearly labelled package, keeping them out of reach of children and pets to ensure safety. It’s important to note that the metaphysical properties of herbs, provided for informational purposes, do not guarantee specific outcomes.

Our herbs, roots and powders are explicitly not intended for internal use.

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