Orange Namji Doll


The Orange Namji Doll is a masterpiece carved from African Rosewood. Crafted into a captivating geometric form, adorned with multi-coloured beads, metals, and shells, each doll is a unique expression of artistry. Bestowed upon brides, these dolls are believed to hold mystical charms that enhance fertility and safeguard against spirits causing infertility. Carried as cherished talismans, they later find a revered place on family altars or in the hands of daughters.

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Bask in the warm glow of cultural richness with our Orange Namji Doll, a stunning piece carved from the esteemed African Rosewood. Originating in regions like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon, each doll is meticulously handcrafted from a single block of African Rosewood, taking on a captivating geometric form adorned with a captivating array of multi-coloured beads, metals, fibres, cowrie shells, coins, and leather.


With unique statures and facial expressions, these dolls, both adorned and unadorned, hold cultural significance. As playthings, unadorned dolls crafted by blacksmiths captivate young hearts. However, during wedding ceremonies, adorned Namji Dolls become symbols of fertility and powerful charms.


Bestowed upon brides, these dolls are believed to possess mystical qualities that enhance fertility and protect against spirits causing infertility and challenging labor. Carried by brides as a cherished talisman, the doll becomes an ever-present source of good fortune, whether nestled in a purse or adorning clothing. Once the heartfelt wish for a child is fulfilled, the doll earns a revered place on the family altar or gracefully passes down the family line.


Standing at 16cm tall and 6cm wide, our Orange Namji Doll is not just a work of art but a cultural heirloom, embodying tradition, fertility, and the enduring spirit of the Namji people. Carved from the finest African Rosewood, it stands as a testament to African craftsmanship and the timeless legacy woven into every facet of this vibrant culture.

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