Meaning Tarot Cards


Designed for everyone, the Meaning Tarot Cards blend the clarity of classic Rider Waite deck images with in-depth interpretations for each arcana. The aged style of presentation adds a charming allure, making this deck not only a practical tool but a visual delight.

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and divination with the Meaning Tarot Cards, an ideal deck for both beginners and those seeking to enrich their tarot knowledge. Crafted to offer a comprehensive understanding, this deck introduces key concepts such as correspondences with the zodiac, the four elements, and numerological equivalences for each card.


Perfect for those starting their tarot exploration, the Meaning Tarot Cards provide a foundation for learning while also serving as a valuable addition for seasoned practitioners. Each card is not just a symbol; it’s a lesson and a source of motivation, accompanied by a phrase that aids interpretation and imparts insightful wisdom.


Navigating the deck is made accessible, with descriptions carefully chosen for easy understanding and memorisation. The versatility of this deck allows you to read the cards both vertically and inverted, offering a nuanced perspective for every draw.


The deck’s versatility shines through as it caters to both quick answers and deeper explorations of symbology. Whether seeking swift insights or delving into profound interpretations, the Meaning Tarot Cards adapt to your needs.


This deck’s appeal lies not only in its educational value but also in its aesthetic charm. The carefully curated illustrations and timeless design make it a sure success, capturing your interest from the moment it graces your hands. Once you experience the clarity and depth of the Meaning Tarot Cards, you’ll find it to be an indispensable companion on your tarot journey.


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