Meadowsweet is a herb with diverse metaphysical uses and a rich historical background. It is associated with several spiritual properties, making it a valuable ingredient in spellwork and rituals.


Meadowsweet is believed to enhance romantic feelings, foster harmony in relationships, and attract positive energies associated with love and companionship. It can be incorporated into love spells, charms, or rituals to strengthen emotional connections or draw new love into one’s life.

Additionally, the herb is associated with purification and spiritual cleansing. It is believed to be able to dispel negative energies, promote spiritual clarity, and create a harmonious environment. Burning Meadowsweet as incense or placing it in a sachet can help purify spaces, clear away energetic blockages, and invite positive vibrations. This purification aspect makes it a useful ritual tool for spiritual renewal and energetic healing.

In spellwork practices, Meadowsweet can be used for divination and psychic enhancement. It is believed to stimulate intuitive abilities, heighten psychic senses, and facilitate deeper spiritual insights. Incorporating the herb into meditation practices or divination rituals can help practitioners connect with higher realms of consciousness, receive guidance from spiritual sources, and access hidden knowledge.

From a historical and religious perspective, Meadowsweet holds significance in various cultural traditions. In Celtic folklore, Meadowsweet was considered a sacred plant associated with love goddesses and summer festivities. It was often used in rituals celebrating love, fertility, and abundance. In Scandinavian folklore, the herb was associated with Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility. It was used in love spells and charms.

Offering to Freyja

This spell is designed to honour Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and abundance. It uses Meadowsweet as a sacred offering. Freyja is revered for her beauty, passion, and connection to nature’s cycles.


  • Meadowsweet
  • Small bowl or dish
  • A red or pink candle
  • Incense (such as rose or jasmine)
  • Offering item (optional, such as jewellery or a token symbolising love)


Set Your Intention: Find a quiet and sacred space to focus on connecting with Freyja. Light the incense to purify the space and set the mood for your ritual.

Prepare Your Offering: Place Meadowsweet in a small bowl or dish, dedicating it as an offering to Freyja. Visualise the vibrant energy of your herb, symbolising love, beauty, and fertility.

Invoke Freyja: Light the red or pink candle, representing the fiery passion and love associated with Freyja. Take a moment to invoke Freyja by speaking or chanting her name, inviting her presence into your ritual.

Offer Your Tribute: Hold the offering item (if using) in your hands and infuse it with your intentions of love and gratitude towards Freyja. Place the offering item beside the Meadowsweet bowl as a token of your devotion.

Speak Your Prayer or Invocation: Address Freyja directly, expressing your admiration and reverence. Share your desires for love, fertility, or abundance, seeking her blessings and guidance.

Offer Meadowsweet: Take a pinch of Meadowsweet and scatter it around the candle flame, symbolising your offering to Freyja. As you do so, visualise your intentions manifesting with the goddess’s support.

Close Your Ritual: Thank Freyja for her presence and blessings. Allow the candle to burn out safely or extinguish it with gratitude. Leave the Meadowsweet offering on your altar or a sacred space as a tribute to Freyja.

Express Gratitude: Conclude the ritual by thanking Freyja for her blessings and guidance. Trust that the goddess of love and fertility has received your offerings and intentions.

This spell can be performed during a full moon, on Freyja’s feast day (like Freyfaxi), or whenever you seek to connect with Freyja and invoke her love, beauty, and abundant energies into your life.

Adapt the ritual to suit your spiritual practices and deepen your relationship with this beloved Norse goddess.

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