Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder


White Washed Incense Holders, a touch of elegance and craftsmanship imported straight from the heart of India. Sourced from a region with a rich artisan history renowned for creating exquisite woodware, these incense holders are a testament to the proud tradition of skilled craftsmanship.

Each holder is meticulously crafted from mango wood, highlighting the intricate details characterising exceptional Indian woodwork. The white-washed finish imparts a contemporary and refined touch, ensuring that these holders are functional and bring a stylish charm to any space.

Bring the essence of India into your home with these beautifully designed incense holders. Elevate your spiritual practices, meditation sessions, or add a touch of tranquility to your living space. Embrace the artistry and cultural heritage that comes with these imported treasures from India. Experience the beauty of craftsmanship with our White Washed Incense Holders, which are available in various designs.



Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Various styles

Incense sticks serve various purposes, finding everyday use in activities like aromatherapy, meditation, and spiritual practices due to the therapeutic benefits of their fragrances. When engaging in the ritual of burning incense, it's advisable to select a well-ventilated area with proper airflow to avoid the buildup of smoke. Begin by placing the incense stick in the designated hole of the holder, igniting the thicker end with a match or lighter. Allow the flame to burn briefly before gently blowing it out. Once an ember appears, enjoy the aromatic experience as the incense releases its fragrance. Safely extinguish the incense by blowing on the ember or tapping the lit end into a fireproof container.

The question arises: why burn incense sticks? Beyond their invigorating scents, incense can contribute to relaxation, stress reduction, and mood enhancement, making them suitable for various occasions. Turning our attention to the care of your Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder, cleaning it with a dry or slightly damp cloth is recommended, avoiding harsh chemicals. Place the holder away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, handle it carefully, and maintain the wood's lustre periodically with a non-flammable clear sealant or wax. Appreciate your incense holder's natural beauty and craftsmanship while cultivating a serene, aromatic atmosphere.






Additional information

Weight0.023 g
Dimensions250 × 30 × 3 mm

Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Sun, Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Rhino, Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Hinduism, Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Moon, Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Leaf, Mango Wood White Washed Incense Holder – Star

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