Lemongrass is a versatile herb with refreshing metaphysical properties often used in spiritual practices and rituals. One of its primary uses is for purification and cleansing purposes. Lemongrass can help clear negative energies from spaces and individuals, promoting a sense of freshness and clarity. It is often incorporated into cleansing baths or rituals to wash away spiritual impurities and create a purified environment conducive to spiritual growth.


Lemongrass is also believed to enhance psychic awareness and intuition. Many practitioners use lemongrass to heighten their spiritual senses and facilitate deeper connections with higher realms. Burning as an incense or diffusing the essential oil during meditation or divination practices can help open the mind to receiving spiritual messages and insights.

It is associated with attracting positive energy and uplifting the spirits. Its bright and refreshing aroma is thought to bring joy, optimism, and vitality. Using lemongrass in aromatherapy or as part of a spellwork focused on positivity can help cultivate a more positive and harmonious energy in one’s life.

Furthermore, it is considered a protective herb that can ward off negative influences and energies. It is often included in protective sachets, charms, or rituals to create a shield of positive energy around oneself or a sacred space. Incorporating lemongrass into spells for protection can help create a barrier against harmful energies and promote a sense of safety and security.

Across various spiritual and cultural traditions, the herb holds symbolic and ceremonial significance. In Asian cultures like Thai and Vietnamese, it is used in cooking, traditional medicine, and spiritual practices. In Western herbalism and folklore, lemongrass is revered for its cleansing properties and association with clarity and vitality. Some indigenous cultures use lemongrass as offerings in rituals honouring nature spirits or ancestors, viewing it as a sacred herb that fosters a connection with the natural world.

It is a potent herb with many metaphysical uses, from purification and psychic enhancement to attracting positive energy and providing protection. Its vibrant energy and uplifting aroma make it a valuable ally in spiritual work, helping practitioners create sacred spaces, deepen their intuition, and cultivate a sense of well-being and spiritual harmony.

Psychic Awareness Loose Incense Blend

This loose incense blend features lemongrass to enhance intuition, clarity, and spiritual connection. The herb adds a bright, uplifting energy to the blend, making it ideal for promoting psychic awareness during meditation, divination, or ritual practices.


  • 2 parts Mugwort (for visionary experiences and psychic clarity)
  • 1 part Frankincense resin (for spiritual connection and purification)
  • 1 part Lavender buds (for calming the mind and enhancing psychic abilities)
  • 1 part Sandalwood chips or powder (for grounding and spiritual protection)
  • 1/2 part Lemongrass (for uplifting energy and heightened intuition)


Prepare Your Workspace: Find a quiet and sacred space to focus on blending your incense ingredients. Clear the area of distractions and set a positive intention for enhancing psychic awareness.

Gather and Measure Ingredients: Using a mortar and pestle or a mixing bowl, measure each ingredient’s desired quantities according to the recipe above. Adjust the proportions based on personal preference and intention.

Blend the Ingredients: Place all the dry ingredients (Mugwort, Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Lemongrass) into your mixing vessel. Use a spoon or pestle to gently blend the ingredients, ensuring an even distribution.

Charge with Intention: As you blend the ingredients, focus on your intention to enhance psychic awareness and intuition. Visualise yourself tapping into higher realms of consciousness and receiving spiritual insights.

Store in a Sealed Container: Transfer the finished loose incense blend into a clean, airtight container to preserve freshness and potency. Store it in a cool, dark place until ready to use.

Burn During Psychic Practices: When ready to use the incense blend, place a small amount on a heat-resistant dish or charcoal burner. Light the blend with a flame and allow it to smoulder, releasing its aromatic smoke. Sit in meditation or perform divination while the incense fills the space with psychic-enhancing energies.

This incense blend with lemongrass is believed to be a powerful tool for deepening spiritual connections and accessing intuitive wisdom. Use it regularly during psychic practices or when seeking heightened awareness and clarity in your spiritual journey.

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