Large Abalone Shell


This Yellow Abalone Shell is a stunning and traditional vessel crafted by nature. With its captivating yellow hues, this beautiful shell is a visual delight and holds cultural significance as a tool for smudging rituals. Embrace the ancient practice of burning Sage or Palo Santo chips or sticks by catching the falling ash as you smudge your space.


As each Abalone Shell is a unique creation of the ocean, please be aware that the dimensions provided are approximate, and the product size may vary slightly. This only adds to the individuality of each piece, making your Yellow Abalone Shell a truly one-of-a-kind companion on your spiritual journey.

Abalone shells can repair minor damage and form rare pearls, symbolising strength and healing. The Maori people of New Zealand, known for their Paua shells, incorporate these spiritual gems into jewellery, believing in their power to strengthen the body and heart, fostering clear communication and harmony in relationships.

In Native American cultures, Abalone shells are used to burn sage, combining spiritual forces to convey messages to the gods and cleanse spaces of negative energies. The Apache Nation, in particular, intertwines the shell with the story of the White Painted Woman, using it in the Sunrise Ceremony as a symbol of connecting to spiritual heritage.

In New Age spirituality, Abalone shells are believed to stimulate psychic development, enhance emotional clarity, and attract tranquillity and clarity of mind. Linked to the third eye, crown, and heart chakras, the shells hold significance in cleansing rituals, symbolising purity and protection.

A symbol of water, the Abalone shell represents calmness and tranquillity, shielding against life's unsettling passions. With protective and healing qualities, it is believed to bring emotional balance, boost the immune system, and assist in digestion. The shell's fertility aspects make it a cherished symbol for those seeking abundance, wealth, and opportunities. At the same time, new mothers find solace and support in their representation of motherhood.

As a symbol of empowerment and feminine strength, the Abalone stone protects the more sensitive aspects within us, projecting an image of strength and beauty to the world. It serves as a magical gift, believed by the Maori to bring luck, peace, and prosperity to those who wear it, making it a special reminder of the sea for those who love water. Embrace the enchanting world of Abalone shells – a testament to nature's creativity and spiritual significance.

H3cm x W13.5cm x D10.5cm

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