Kali Limited Edition 1/200 Art Poster Print


Unframed fine art poster print of Kali, the fearsome yet revered goddess in Hinduism, who epitomises the formidable and transformative aspects of the divine feminine. Kali is depicted as a fierce deity with a blue complexion, adorned with a necklace of skulls and wielding a sword; Kali embodies both destruction and creation, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Artwork by MsDre, a talented artist and illustrator based in Brighton, draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences that reflect her diverse heritage and eclectic interests. Her creative vision is steeped in Greek myths, the glamour of the 1920s, architectural marvels, mid-century design, kitsch aesthetics, pin-up culture, and vintage nostalgia.

With roots spanning Jamaican, Indian, African, and English ancestry, MsDre seamlessly weaves elements of her cultural background into her artwork. From Jamaican hummingbirds’ vibrant hues to North London graffiti’s raw energy, her pieces embody a fusion of personal experiences and visual storytelling.

MsDre’s artistic process involves a dynamic blend of media. Starting with stencils and printmaking techniques, she adds depth and detail with pen and ink, acrylic paints, markers, collage elements, and vibrant spray paint accents. Transforming her original illustrations into digital art allows her to create a diverse collection of accessible open-edition prints, expanding the reach of her captivating portfolio. Through her unique synthesis of influences and mediums, MsDre invites viewers into a world where tradition meets innovation, and cultural diversity thrives on the canvas.

This is a signed and numbered limited edition colour print on 200gsm matte paper, measuring 42 cm x 42 cm.

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Kali, a powerful deity in Hinduism, is often depicted as a fearsome goddess with multiple arms, holding weapons and standing over a defeated demon. She symbolises the destruction of the ego and ignorance, representing the transformative power of time and the ultimate reality beyond form. Kali is associated with fierce compassion, liberation, and the destruction of evil forces.

In spiritual terms, she embodies the concept of time and change, representing the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. She is revered as the mother of the universe, encompassing both birth and death. Devotees seek blessings of protection, courage, and liberation from worldly attachments through their connection with her. They invoke her divine presence to overcome obstacles and fears, finding strength in transformative energy. Worship involves creating sacred altars adorned with offerings of incense, flowers, and symbolic items to honour her fierce and compassionate aspects. While engaging in meditation and ritual practices to deepen their connection, they seek liberation from ego-driven desires and negative influences. This devotion inspires embodying her fearless nature and compassionate spirit, embracing spiritual evolution and self-discovery. Symbolism and spiritual significance guide devotees to navigate challenges with resilience and grace, embracing transformative power.

Having artwork of Kali can hold deep spiritual significance. For aesthetics, her imagery conveys strength, vitality, and dynamic energy. For devotion, her presence serves as a reminder of inner strength, the impermanence of the material world, and the transformative power of divine energy. Artwork depicting Kali can inspire reverence, meditation, and contemplation on the cycles of life and death.

The colours you see on your screen may differ slightly from those of the print due to variations in monitor settings. Lighting in the room you use the item may also affect appearance. Art arrives unframed and shipped flat in a rigid photo mailer.

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