Irish Moss


Irish Moss, a spiritually grounding herb steeped in cultural heritage, is believed to possess the innate ability to attract prosperity and abundance while fostering success. Centuries of use in spiritual practices attest to its vibrant hue and grounding energy, establishing it as a potent ally in seeking stability, security, and a profound connection with the earth in daily life and spiritual endeavours.

Use for luck in finances and protection during travels. Carry it in a mojo bag or place it in your wallet for steady money flow and protection.

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Whether woven into spiritual rituals or utilised as a talisman, Irish Moss is regarded as a conduit for greater abundance, stability, and a harmonious alignment with the natural world.

Versatile Spiritual Applications:

Irish Moss seamlessly integrates into various spiritual rituals, offering a versatile approach to enhancing one’s life and spiritual journey:

Wealth Bath:
Believed to attract financial prosperity and abundance, adding Irish Moss to a bath is thought to infuse the water with its grounding energy, promoting a sense of material well-being.

Crystal Grids:
Irish Moss is believed to amplify intentions related to prosperity, abundance, and success, creating an energetic matrix that resonates with these desired outcomes.

Home Decor:
Whether adorning a room with dried Irish Moss or incorporating fresh Moss into a bouquet, its presence is thought to attract prosperity and establish a serene ambience in the living space.

Mojo Bags:
Included in mojo bags, Irish Moss is believed to be a potent charm for attracting prosperity and abundance, serving as a portable and personal conduit for positive energies.

Money Spells:
Incorporating it into money spells is believed to enhance the efficacy of the ritual, attracting financial prosperity and abundance.

Burned in Offerings:
When burned in offerings to the spirits associated with prosperity, Irish Moss is believed to beckon financial abundance and symbolise a gesture of gratitude.

Delivered in a resealable bag – 3g

Before incorporating any new herb, root or powder into your practices, it’s crucial to know that certain herbs may have potential side effects. Conduct thorough research and consider consulting with a healthcare professional before use. Refrain from using the product if you have known allergies or are allergic to any ingredients.

Store them in a clearly labelled package, keeping them out of reach of children and pets to ensure safety. It’s important to note that the metaphysical properties of herbs, provided for informational purposes, do not guarantee specific outcomes.

Our herbs are explicitly not intended for internal use.

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