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The Indian Goddess Durga is a principal and popular form of the Hindu Goddess Parvati. She is a goddess of war, the warrior form of Parvati, whose mythology centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity, and Dharma the power of good over evil.

Artwork by MsDre, a talented artist and illustrator based in Brighton, draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of influences that reflect her diverse heritage and eclectic interests. Her creative vision is steeped in Greek myths, the glamour of the 1920s, architectural marvels, mid-century design, kitsch aesthetics, pin-up culture, and vintage nostalgia.

With roots spanning Jamaican, Indian, African, and English ancestry, MsDre seamlessly weaves elements of her cultural background into her artwork. From Jamaican hummingbirds’ vibrant hues to North London graffiti’s raw energy, her pieces embody a fusion of personal experiences and visual storytelling.

MsDre’s artistic process involves a dynamic blend of media. Starting with stencils and printmaking techniques, she adds depth and detail with pen and ink, acrylic paints, markers, collage elements, and vibrant spray paint accents. Transforming her original illustrations into digital art allows her to create a diverse collection of accessible open-edition prints, expanding the reach of her captivating portfolio. Through her unique synthesis of influences and mediums, MsDre invites viewers into a world where tradition meets innovation, and cultural diversity thrives on the canvas.

This is an A3 colour giclée print on 200gsm silk paper. Giclee prints are high-quality archival inkjet prints produced at the highest resolution using premium-quality archival artist papers and 10-colour Epson fade-resistant, UltraChrome pigment-based inks.

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The Indian Goddess Durga Artwork depicts a divine manifestation of the supreme feminine energy and is significant in Hindu mythology. She is revered with profound devotion across the Indian subcontinent. The name “Durga” translates to the invincible one, embodying the essence of strength, courage, and protective prowess.

Depicted as a radiant warrior goddess, Durga is often portrayed riding a lion or tiger, wielding an array of weapons in her multiple arms. Her iconography symbolizes the triumph of good over evil as she vanquishes the formidable buffalo demon, Mahishasura, in a cosmic battle. This victory is celebrated annually during the festival of Durga Puja, a grandiose affair marked by elaborate decorations, cultural performances, and fervent prayers.

Durga’s origin is narrated in Hindu scriptures, where the gods bestowed her with their divine weapons and attributes to combat the rising menace of Mahishasura. The goddess emerged as a powerful force, culminating in the energies of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and other deities. This amalgamation reflects the unity of cosmic forces to create a formidable guardian of righteousness.

Durga is not only a symbol of physical strength but also embodies spiritual and moral fortitude. Her benevolent form, Mahagauri, is revered for purity and serenity. Devotees seek her blessings for courage, wisdom, and protection from life’s adversities.

The festival of Navaratri, dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga, spans nine nights, each dedicated to different aspects of the divine feminine energy. Devotees engage in fasting, prayer, and devotional music during this period, culminating in the tenth day, Vijayadashami, symbolizing the triumph of Durga over Mahishasura.

Beyond her religious significance, Durga serves as a powerful cultural and societal symbol. She represents the inherent strength of women and their ability to confront challenges. The worship of Durga fosters a sense of community and solidarity, transcending religious boundaries and fostering a collective spirit of joy and devotion.

In essence, Goddess Durga stands as a beacon of strength, courage, and protection, inspiring millions to face the battles of life with resilience and righteousness. Her timeless significance permeates the cultural, religious, and spiritual fabric of India, making her an enduring symbol of divinity and empowerment.

The colours you see on your screen may differ slightly from those of the print due to variations in monitor settings. Lighting in the room you use the item may also affect appearance. Art arrives unframed and shipped flat in a rigid photo mailer.

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