Hot Foot Powder


Hot Foot, also known as Drive Away or Get Away, is believed to rid individuals of undesirable neighbours and compel ex-lovers to wander alone and dissatisfied.

Instructions: The most effective way to use Hot Foot Powder is to sprinkle it across the foot tracks or doorstep of the individual causing trouble. In hoodoo practice, this is done by walking backwards as the powders are dropped onto the ground. Once the person’s foottracks are crossed, they won’t be able to return, ensuring they stay away from your home, leaving your family in peace.
Crossing someone’s path on their property compels your adversary into a life of perpetual wandering, preventing them from returning home. Follow these instructions carefully to achieve the desired outcome of banishing troubles and maintaining a peaceful environment.

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Hot Foot Powder

Sachet powders play a versatile role in magickal practices, offering a range of applications. The possibilities are abundant, whether dusting paperwork, blowing them across dressed candles, or sprinkling them around a home or property.

Famed for its ability to swiftly remove unwanted individuals from one’s life, ensuring protection and security. Sprinkle in the path of the unwanted individual, around your home, or mix with other protective herbs for added potency in banishing spells and rituals.

In foot track magic, Hot Foot powders take on a distinctive role. By blending them with some dirt, you can sprinkle the mixture where your target is expected to walk. The addition of dirt not only aids in camouflaging the powder on the ground but also enhances the efficacy of your magickal workings.

A distinctive aspect of African-derived spells within African-American hoodoo is the prevalent belief in “foot-track magic,” a spellcasting technique where a magical substance is introduced into a person through their feet, leading to a desired outcome. This practice involves placing a material for the intended subject to walk onto, over, or through.

Foot-track magic is a method rather than a fixed condition. Depending on the substance scattered and the intention invoked while spreading it across a path, on a path, or around a property, it can be employed for positive purposes such as attraction, love, wealth, health, or protection, as well as for negative aims like banishment, hot-footing, crossing, illness, or even causing harm. While we cannot request that our customers use our products for good, we believe using Hot Foot powder to rid yourselves of bothersome people is a form of self-care. Set those boundaries.

Delivered in a resealable bag – 4g

Considerations for Non-African Descendants Engaging with Voodoo Practices

Engaging in voodoo without a deep understanding can be disrespectful. Voodoo (or Voodun) is Rooted in African and Haitian cultures and deserves reverence. If not of African descent, approach with sensitivity, avoiding appropriation. Please educate yourself on its origins and seek guidance to prevent perpetuating stereotypes. Cultural appreciation requires understanding, respect, and humility.

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