Hand Carved Gemstone Angel – Sodalite


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Hand-Carved Gemstone Angel – Sodalite: A Symbol of Insight and Inner Peace

These exquisite angels are more than decorative pieces; they embody wisdom and inner serenity.

🔵 Meticulously hand-carved from genuine Sodalite, known for its wisdom-enhancing and calming properties

🧘 Approximately 5cm in size, perfect for enhancing personal spaces or offering as meaningful gifts

🌌 Symbolises insight, inner peace, and enhanced spiritual awareness

Place this Sodalite Angel in your home, meditation space, or workspace to create an atmosphere of wisdom and tranquillity. Keep it close during moments when you seek inner peace and heightened awareness. These angels also make thoughtful gifts, sharing the essence of insight with others.

Experience the serene energy of Sodalite with Hand Carved Gemstone Angel.

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