Glass Vial Talisman with Black Tourmaline & Blackthorn


Wax Spiritual exclusive limited edition Glass Vial Talisman with Black Tourmaline & Blackthorn – dressed & blessed in-store.

Presented on a durable stainless steel chain. Our unique talisman is a beautiful accessory and a powerful metaphysical tool designed to invite protection, strength and courage into your life.

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Glass Vial Talisman with Black Tourmaline & Blackthorn – Wax Spiritual exclusive, limited edition. Dressed & Blessed in-store.

Embrace the potent energy of protection, strength, and courage with our Glass Vial Talisman, intricately crafted with Black Tourmaline and Blackthorn. It is uniquely designed to serve as a powerful shield against negativity, offering its wearer a sense of grounding and resilience.

Metaphysical Properties:
Black Tourmaline: Known for its strong protective properties, it is a powerful stone that dispels negative energies and shields against psychic attacks. It is also revered for its grounding abilities, helping to anchor one’s energy and promote emotional stability.
Blackthorn: Traditionally used in protective magick, Blackthorn represents strength and resilience. It is believed to ward off evil and provide spiritual protection, making it an ideal complement to Black Tourmaline.

A talisman is an object, often an amulet or piece of jewellery, believed to possess magickal or spiritual properties that offer protection, bring good luck, or assist in achieving specific goals. Traditionally, talismans are imbued with symbolic significance and positive energies through rituals or blessings, making them powerful tools in various spiritual and metaphysical practices. Often crafted from diverse materials such as stones, metals, and other natural elements, talismans are cherished for their ability to align with the wearer’s intentions.

Light the path to strength and protection with our Glass Vial Talisman, a perfect companion for your spiritual journey.

At Wax Spiritual, we offer personalised talismans tailored to align with your specific intentions or desires. Whether you seek enhanced protection, courage to face challenges, or a boost in inner strength, our custom orders allow you to imbue your talisman with personal significance and power.

Wax Spiritual Talismans are either dressed or entirely made in-store and can be personalised to align with the wearer’s intentions or desires. Take a look at our custom products.

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