Five Finger Grass


Five-finger grass, also known as Cinquefoil, is a versatile herb steeped in rich folklore and mysticism. Renowned for its ability to attract favourable circumstances, abundance, and safety, it is a cherished component in spells and ceremonies across traditions.

Five Finger Grass is a versatile herb widely used in rituals for luck and prosperity. It can be carried or placed where good fortune is desired, such as near businesses or financial spaces. It can be burned or scattered in protection rituals to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. For healing, this herb can be brewed into tea or carried in a sachet to promote physical and emotional well-being. In love spells, Five Finger Grass is incorporated to attract love and passion or to mend a broken heart. During divination rituals, Five Finger Grass aids in predicting the future. To remove stubborn curses, bathe with Five Finger Grass tea for nine days. Place the herb in a red bag for added prosperity and luck.

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Five Finger Grass is used in many spiritual practices. In Hoodoo practices, Five Finger Grass is esteemed for its association with luck, prosperity, gaining favours, traveller’s protection, and uncrossing. It is often carried in mojo bags or sprinkled around the home to attract good fortune and ward off negative energies. Wiccans incorporate the grass into spells for manifestation, abundance, and harmony, utilising its five-leaf structure as a symbol of balance and unity with nature. In traditional folk magic, this versatile herb is believed to enhance psychic abilities and aid in divination, making it a valuable tool for spiritual exploration.

Prosperity & Good Luck Spell


  • Green or gold candle (for luck and prosperity)
  • Five Finger Grass
  • Good Luck Spell Oil
  • A small dish or bowl
  • Lighter or matches


Begin by cleansing your space and focusing on attracting luck and prosperity into your life.
Take the green or gold candle and carve your desire or intention into the wax. For example, you can carve words like “luck” or “prosperity” into the candle.
Next, dress the candle with the Five Finger Grass herb. To do this, anoint the candle with a small amount of Good Luck spell oil and then roll it in the Five Finger Grass herb to adhere to the oil.
As you dress the candle, visualise your intention clearly. Visualise yourself surrounded by abundance and good fortune.
Place the dressed candle in a holder or on a fire-safe dish. Sprinkle some additional Five Finger Grass around the base of the candle.
Light the candle while focusing on your intention. Repeat a mantra or affirmation about luck and prosperity as you light the candle.
Allow the candle to burn down completely (or for a certain period). As the candle burns, continue to visualise your desired outcome.
Once the candle has burned out, collect any remaining wax and herbs. Bury them in your garden or potted plant to seal the spell and manifest your intentions into the physical realm.

Remember to always practice fire safety when working with candles. May this spell bring you the luck and prosperity you seek!

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