Evil Eye Coaster Set


This coaster and holder set is a discreet yet meaningful addition to your spiritual practices, designed to harmonise seamlessly with your spiritual home. The set comprises a holder and four coasters, each adorned with the signature Wax Spiritual gold accent—a colour revered in both the material and spiritual realms. Gold symbolises wealth, prosperity, illumination, protection, renewal, and endurance. It is also a unique activator for the third eye chakra, linked to intuition, higher consciousness, and spiritual insight.

Pair it with a pillar candle or your favourite cold beverage for an enhanced experience during candle rituals, protection rituals, or self-love work. This set embodies the essence of the Evil Eye, offering protection and positive energies to your sacred space. Avoid direct heat.

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Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions170 × 100 × 50 mm

Premium epoxy resin, dye, gold mica

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