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Enchantments: A Beginner Witch’s Guide to Altars, Candles, Tarot, Spell-Building, and Creating Your Own Practice by Mya Spalter is an enchanting invitation into the world of witchcraft. Drawing from her experiences at Enchantments, NYC, Spalter offers practical advice on altar building, spellcasting, and tarot reading. With warmth and clarity, she empowers readers to embrace their inner magic and manifest their desires. This captivating guide is a treasure trove of mystical wisdom for those embarking on their witchcraft journey.



Enchantments book by Mya Spalter beckons readers into a realm where magic is not just a concept but a tangible force for transformation and self-discovery. Drawing from her immersive experiences at New York City’s renowned occult emporium, Enchantments, Spalter serves as a knowledgeable guide, leading readers through the enchanting world of witchcraft with clarity, warmth, and a touch of whimsy.

At the heart of this captivating book lies a profound message: the magic you seek is already within you. Through enchanting prose and beautifully illustrated pages, Spalter unveils a treasure trove of mystical practices aimed at empowering readers to connect with their inner magic and harness the elemental energies of the universe.

From building altars that serve as sacred spaces for intention-setting to crafting spells that manifest desires and banish negativity, Spalter’s guidance is both practical and enchanting. With a focus on honouring intuition and embracing individuality, she encourages readers to forge their own paths in the world of witchcraft, free from rigid dogma or prescribed rituals.

Enchantments is more than just a beginner’s guide—it’s a celebration of the inherent magic found in everyday life. Through rituals, meditations, and self-reflection exercises, Spalter invites readers to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Whether exploring the symbolism of colors, the mysteries of astrology, or the transformative power of tarot, each chapter offers insights and practices designed to awaken the magic within.

As readers journey through the pages of  the Enchantments book, they discover not only practical techniques for spellcasting and spiritual growth but also a sense of wonder and possibility. With its inclusive approach and emphasis on self-love and empowerment, this book is a beacon of light for anyone seeking to unlock the boundless potential of their own magic.

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