Dried Rose Petals


Dried rose petals, a versatile flower and magickal herb, have various applications in magick and practitioner rituals. While commonly associated with love spells, rose petals embody potent energies beyond romance, making them a valuable tool in different spiritual practices.

1. Cleansing:
• Burn dried rose petals in a cauldron for a high-frequency alternative to white sage, offering a positive energy boost during cleansing rituals.
2. Offerings:
• Use dried rose petals as offerings to deities, spirits, or other entities. Entities such as Aphrodite, Venus, and more appreciate the energy carried by rose petals.
3. Prosperity Magick:
• Leverage the high-frequency energy of roses for prosperity magick. Incorporate dried rose petals into money-drawing poppets, sachets, or witch bottles.
4. Fire Magick:
• Add positive energy and a delightful scent to fire spells by burning dried rose petals. Visualise your intentions manifesting as the smoke rises, which is particularly effective for good luck and creativity.

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Dried Rose Petals, renowned for their association with love, romanticism, and poetry, carry a rich tapestry of magickal properties to explore.

In magick, roses take centre stage in various spells and rituals. They are frequently employed to attract love, enhance relationships, and kindle passion. Rose petals’ protective qualities extend to their use in charms, while rosewater is believed to cleanse negative energies.

Dried rose petals, a versatile ingredient, find their place in divination practices, contributing to activities like scrying or creating herbal-based spells. Furthermore, the enchanting aroma of rose incense or essential oil can aid in psychic work, dream interpretation, and intuitive development.

Historical evidence points to the Egyptians incorporating roses into their funeral rites, while the Romans adorned doors and divine images with these blooms. The rose, a symbol of purity, holds a significant place in the magickal world for its ability to attract good luck, love, and health.

In Wiccan practices, roses play a pivotal role in spells that enhance love (while adhering to ethical considerations; never using work against someone’s will). A beautiful Full Moon ritual involves a bouquet of roses (preferably an odd number, more than three) wherein intentions are fervently expressed. Boiling the bouquet, letting it cool, and using the water for a bath or as a massage cream are believed to manifest desires by the subsequent New Moon.

Rose petals are often offered to various deities, spirits, and energies in spell work and rituals. Some examples include:

Aphrodite (Venus): In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is associated with roses. Rose petals may be offered to invoke her blessings in matters of love and relationships.

Mary (Mother Mary): In Christian traditions, roses are often associated with Mother Mary, symbolising purity and divine love. Rose petals may be offered as a gesture of devotion and prayer.

Freya: In Norse mythology, Freya, the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, has connections to roses. Rose petals may be offered to seek her assistance in matters of love and attraction.

Spirit Guides or Ancestors: Rose petals can also be offered to spirit guides, ancestors, or guardian spirits during rituals or ceremonies. They are seen as a symbol of reverence and can help establish a connection with the spiritual realm.

Fairy Folk: Fairies are believed to be attracted to the scent of roses in folklore and nature-based traditions. Rose petals may be left as offerings to the fairy folk to seek their blessings and protection.

Self-Love and Healing: In personal spell work, rose petals can be offered to oneself as a symbol of self-love and healing. They represent nurturing and self-care, fostering a sense of inner peace and balance.

The belief of enhancing the depth of your spells incorporates using dried rose petals in colours aligned with your specific intentions. Here are some examples:

Red: Love, lust, passion, and sexuality.
White: Spirituality, innocence, banishing, cleansing, healing, moon magic, and protection.
Yellow: Friendship, happiness, jealousy, infidelity, and psychic ability.
Yellow with Red Tips: Emotions related to falling in love and experiencing new love.
Pink: Grace, beauty, and self-love.
Peach: Sincerity and gratitude.
Orange: Enthusiasm, passion, affection, happiness, and truth.

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