Devil’s Shoestring


This essential Hoodoo root can be burned as incense or brewed into tea for its grounding and protective properties. Devil’s Shoestring, a potent herb in the Viburnum species, is known by various names, including hobblebush, moose bush, cramp bark, and Goat’s Rue. It is commonly used in Hoodoo practices and often kept in a medicine pouch.


Devil’s Shoestring is a plant Native to Eastern North America, from Northeastern Canada to Georgia. It is known for its protective and luck-enhancing properties and is widely employed in spiritual and magickal traditions. This herb is used for protection, luck, binding spells, divination, and enhancing psychic abilities and insight.

It is commonly used to create barriers against negativity and malevolent forces. It is believed to ward off hexes, curses, and unwanted energies, providing a shield of spiritual protection. Many practitioners incorporate Devil’s Shoestring into Mojo Bags, sachets, or floor washes to fortify their space and maintain a harmonious environment.

Devil’s shoestring is also valued for its association with luck and prosperity. It is often used in rituals and spells to attract good fortune, abundance, and success. The herb’s energy is believed to clear obstacles and open pathways to opportunity, making it a valuable ally in manifestation work.

Carrying Devil’s Shoestring is believed to offer protection against attacks. This versatile herb is frequently employed in Hoodoo conjure to attract good luck or to “trip up the devil” by shielding against harmful energies. To ward off negative energy, carry it in a white or green Mojo bag for prosperity and good fortune.

Additionally, Devil’s Shoestring can be hung in a bundle above a doorway or fireplace to safeguard the home. Historically, some people wore it as an anklet to prevent being “poisoned through the feet”.

Protection Mojo Bag



To remove any negative energy, begin by cleansing your workspace and tools with Sage, Palo Santo or Florida Water.
Take your fabric pouch and hold it in your hands. Visualise white light surrounding the pouch, infusing it with protective energy.
Write your intention for protection on the piece of paper. This could be a specific affirmation or statement of protection.
Place the Devil’s Shoestring root inside the pouch. As you do so, state your intention aloud or silently.
Add the other herbs, crystals and a few drops of your spell oil to the pouch, focusing on each ingredient’s protective qualities.
If using personal items, place them inside the pouch to strengthen the connection to your intention.
Fold the paper with your intention written on it and add it to the pouch.
Close the pouch and tie it securely with a piece of string or ribbon, again focusing on your intention for protection.
Hold the pouch in your hands and visualise a shield of white light surrounding it, sealing in the protective energy.
Carry or place your protection mojo bag in a sacred space near your front door, under your pillow, or in your handbag.
Remember to regularly recharge and cleanse your protection mojo bag to maintain its effectiveness. You can do this by exposing it to moonlight, smudging it with sage, or sprinkling it with Florida Water.

Use your mojo bag as a talisman of protection and empowerment in times of need.

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