Dandelion Root


Dandelion Root, native to Europe and Asia, is associated with divination, wishes, and transformation.

It is often used to enhance psychic abilities and facilitate divination practices. Burning Dandelion root before meditation or tarot readings is believed to heighten spiritual awareness and aid in receiving clearer insights and visions from the spiritual realm.

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Dandelion Root is favoured for its connection to wishes and manifestation. It is used in spells aimed at manifesting desires and bringing about positive transformations in one’s life. The root’s energy is thought to amplify intentions and propel them to fruition.

Beyond its metaphysical uses, dandelion root is valued for its purifying and cleansing properties. It is incorporated into rituals to banish negativity, remove obstacles, and promote renewal and growth. Dandelion root tea or infusion can also be consumed to cleanse the body and prepare the mind for magickal workings.

It is a potent ingredient in spell work, offering practitioners the tools to enhance divination, manifest desires, and purify energies.

Enhance Psychic Abilities Loose Incense 


Begin by combining equal parts of dried Dandelion root, Mugwort, Lavender buds, and Frankincense Resin in a mixing bowl.
Add a few drops of sandalwood essential oil to the mixture for grounding and spiritual connection.
Incorporate crushed Juniper berries to enhance psychic awareness and protection.

How to Use:
Before your Tarot reading, light a charcoal disc in a fire-safe dish or incense burner.
Sprinkle a small amount of the loose incense blend onto the glowing charcoal.
As the incense begins to smoke, focus on your intention to enhance psychic abilities and connect with spiritual insights.
Allow the aromatic smoke to fill the space and cleanse the energy around you.
Take a few deep breaths and proceed with your tarot reading, remaining open to receiving intuitive messages and guidance.
This dandelion root-infused incense blend combines the energies of psychic enhancement, purification, and spiritual connection, creating an ideal atmosphere for intuitive work and divination.

Adjust the quantities of each ingredient based on your preferences and the desired intensity of the incense.

All herbs sold on this site are intended for curio purposes only. We do not make any claims regarding their properties or suitability for specific uses. It’s important to understand that we are not medical professionals, and we strongly advise against ingesting or using these herbs for medicinal purposes. Thank you for your understanding and responsible use of our products.

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