Damiana Leaf


Damiana leaf is a cherished herb renowned for its potent effects in love spells and relationship magick. It often encourages loyalty and commitment within partnerships, igniting passion and strengthening romantic bonds. When burned before divination practices, Damiana leaf enhances psychic awareness and aids in receiving clearer visions during readings or meditation sessions.

In addition to its spell work applications, Damiana leaf can be brewed into an herbal tea to strengthen dreams and promote vivid dream experiences. This makes it a valuable tool for dreamwork and exploring the subconscious realms.


Damiana leaf, known for its rich history and aromatic qualities, is a beloved herb with diverse metaphysical uses in spell work. This herb, native to Mexico and Central America, is renowned for love, passion, and divination.

It is often used in spell work to enhance romantic intentions and attract love. It is believed to ignite passion, strengthen romantic bonds, and increase sexual energy. Damiana is commonly used in love spells, sachets, and charms to infuse relationships with desire and affection.

Damiana leaf is valued for its divinatory properties. It is believed to heighten psychic abilities and facilitate clearer visions during meditation or tarot readings. Damiana is often incorporated into rituals to enhance intuition and connect with higher spiritual realms.

Additionally, Damiana leaf is associated with prosperity and luck. It is used in spells to attract abundance, success, and good fortune. The herb’s energetic properties are believed to align with opportunities and open pathways to prosperity.

Love & Passion Dressed Candle


Crush Damiana leaf into smaller pieces using a mortar and pestle.
Mix with crushed dried rose petals and lavender buds.
Add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder to the herb mixture for warmth and attraction.
Mix well with a few drops of Tempress Spell Oil.

How to Use:
Prepare a red or pink candle for love and passion.
Lightly dress the candle by sprinkling the Damiana leaf mixture around the base or directly onto the candle.
As you dress the candle, focus on your intentions for enhancing love, passion, and commitment in your relationship.
Light the candle while visualising your desires and let it burn safely until extinguished.
This Damiana leaf candle dressing mix combines love, passion, and attraction. It is ideal for rituals or spells focused on romantic relationships and deepening emotional connections.

Adjust the ingredients and quantities based on your preferences and intentions for the spell work.

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