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Bespoke Talismans are created to bring good luck, protection, or specific positive influences to the person who wears or carries them. Uses range from warding off evil to attracting love or success, and the specific symbolism or magical properties associated with each talisman can vary greatly.

These exclusive products are meticulously crafted, blessed, and dressed in-store. Drawing spirituality and intuition, her unique practices blend what she calls “spiritual work.” They are 100% waterproof and can be transferred onto jewellery fixings if preferred.

Fill out the form below with all the information relevant to your situation and intention. Please add your email so we can message you if we need further information or have any questions. All information submitted is completely confidential and will not be stored or shared under any condition.

Some orders can be fulfilled on the same day; however, some products may need to be made on specific days of the week or cycles. All bespoke products are non-refundable. Delivery options are available.

All bespoke items are non-returnable and non-refundable. The photograph is for illustrative purposes only; all items are unique and vary depending on their purpose.

Spiritual consultations are available to clarify your needs if you feel unsure. More information is available here.


A Talisman is an object, typically a small charm or amulet, believed to possess magickal or supernatural properties. Talismans are often created or chosen for their supposed ability to bring good luck, protection, or specific positive influences to the person who wears or carries them. These objects can take various forms, such as engraved stones, pendants, rings, or other jewellery items. The belief in the efficacy of Talismans is often rooted in spiritual or cultural traditions and may vary widely across different societies and belief systems. People use Talismans for purposes ranging from warding off evil to attracting love or success, and the specific symbolism or magickal properties associated with each talisman can vary greatly.

Custom talismans are meticulously crafted spiritual tools designed to harness and amplify your intentions. They contain a blend of carefully selected herbs, roots, and powders and a personalised sigil encased in resin. The talisman’s smooth exterior and matte area for conjuring oils ensure it remains potent and aligned with your goals. It is strung on a long black cord, which can be worn as a necklace, either underneath or on top of your clothing.

Adjust the cord to your preferred length to wear the talisman close to your body. The cord can be customised to size; burning the ends will seal them and prevent fraying. Be mindful that the talisman is dressed in conjure oils, so exercise caution when placing it directly on your skin or light-coloured clothing to avoid stains.

To keep your talisman charged, periodically anoint it with the appropriate conjure oil and pass it through candle smoke while reaffirming your intention. This regular practice ensures the talisman remains potent and aligned with your goals.

Periodically, take a few drops of the appropriate conjure oil and anoint the matte area of your talisman. This helps refresh its energy and keep it aligned with your intentions. If you need a refresh, you can buy a conjure oil, have one created in-store, or use an essential oil if preferred.

Possible requests: Banish unwanted spirits, Blessings, Clarity, Confidence, Connect with spirits, Cut ties, Disarm enemies, Exam revision, Exam success, Fast luck, Focus, Friendship, Moon rituals, Grief, Grounding, Happy Family, Happy marriage, Health, Healing, Inner strength, Jinx removal, Love, Meditation, Money attraction, New business, New lover, Peace, Protection, Prosperity, Reverse evil, New opportunities, Self-Love, Sexual energy, Stop gossip, or Uncrossing. This list is not exhaustive in detailing all potential services. While various offerings are accessible, Sareta strictly engages in ethical practices. She explicitly refrains from providing services that contradict the will of others or induce harm.

Bespoke items are considered rituals, each demanding focus, discipline, and consistency. It is crucial to treat these items with utmost reverence. You can work with them with complementary items from our range or additional bespoke items based on the complexity of the work involved. Given the customised nature of bespoke work, all orders are made to order. Thus, sales are final, with no option for refunds or exchanges. As suggested, we strongly advise initiating your ritual only when fully prepared.

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