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Spell Jars, also known as witch bottles or spell bottles, jar or bottle spells, are employed for various magical purposes, including protection, love, prosperity, healing, banishing negative energies, or attracting positive energies. The belief is that the concentrated energy within the jar continually works towards manifesting the desired outcome as long as the jar remains intact.

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All bespoke items are non-returnable and non-refundable. The photograph is for illustrative purposes only; all items are unique and vary depending on their purpose. Glitter is added solely for its visual appeal. If you want glitter added, please specify in the message box below.

Spiritual consultations are available to find clarity if you feel unsure about what you need. You can find more information here.


A Custom Spell Jar is a container filled with specific ingredients charged with the intent to achieve a particular magickal goal. The contents can vary widely depending on the purpose of the spell, but they often include herbs, crystals, symbols, written intentions, and other magical items.

Some choose to bury or hide the spell jar, while others keep it prominently displayed as a reminder of their magical goals. It’s important to note that spell jars are a form of symbolic and sympathetic magic, and their effectiveness is often rooted in your belief, focus, and intention. Spell jar practices can vary among magickal traditions and individual practitioners.

These exclusive products are meticulously crafted, blessed, and dressed with Sareta’s personal touch. Drawing spirituality and intuition, her unique practices blend what she calls “spiritual work.”

Each custom item embodies Sareta’s energy. Ingredients include herbs, roots, conjuring oils, prayer and other magickal items. Spell Jars, Moji Bags, and Talismans are sealed to contain the magickal energy and preserve the intention of the spell. The clients use candles, incense, or herbal washes as instructed.

Possible requests: Banish unwanted spirits, Blessings, Clarity, Confidence, Connect with spirits, Cut ties, Disarm enemies, Exam revision, Exam success, Fast luck, Focus, Friendship, Moon rituals, Grief, Grounding, Happy Family, Happy marriage, Health, Healing, Inner strength, Jinx removal, Love, Meditation, Money attraction, New business, New lover, Peace, Protection, Prosperity, Reverse evil, New opportunities, Self-Love, Sexual energy, Stop gossip, or Uncrossing. This list is not exhaustive in detailing all potential services. While various offerings are accessible, Sareta strictly engages in ethical practices. She explicitly refrains from providing services that contradict the will of others or induce harm.

Bespoke items are considered rituals, each demanding focus, discipline, and consistency. It is crucial to treat these items with utmost reverence. You have the option to work with them with complementary items from our range or additional bespoke items based on the complexity of the work involved. Given the customised nature of bespoke work, all orders are made to order. Thus, sales are final, with no option for refunds or exchanges. As suggested, we strongly advise initiating your ritual only when fully prepared.

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