Mojo Bag


A time-honoured talisman designed to attract positive energy, protect against negativity, and manifest your deepest desires. The Mojo Bag is known by many names across different cultures and traditions, including Gris-Gris Bag, Hand, Toby, Charm Bag, Prayer Bag or Medicine Bag.

Each Wax Spiritual Mojo bag is created in-store with a unique blend of herbs, roots, and crystals chosen for their potent metaphysical properties.

Whether you’re seeking love, prosperity, protection, or spiritual growth, our mojo bag is your perfect companion on the journey to personal empowerment and well-being.


A Mojo bag is believed to be a powerful, culturally rich tool used across various spiritual and magical practices. Its ability to be personalised and imbued with specific intentions makes it a versatile and effective means of focusing spiritual energy. Whether used for protection, attraction, healing, or empowerment, mojo bags are a significant aspect of many spiritual traditions.

Each mojo bag is carefully filled and blessed in-store. It contains a unique blend of herbs, roots, crystals, and charms selected for their potent metaphysical properties. Additionally, each bag includes a personal sigil to enhance its effectiveness. Whether you seek love, prosperity, protection, or spiritual growth, our mojo bag is perfect for personal empowerment and well-being. Please note that the mojo bag should remain sealed to preserve its potency.

The use of mojo bags is rooted in African-American folk magic, particularly within Hoodoo, but they also appear in various other cultural and spiritual traditions.

Hoodoo/Rootwork: In Hoodoo, mojo bags are crafted for various purposes, such as attracting love, securing financial prosperity, offering protection, and bringing luck. These bags are often personalised and empowered through specific rituals and prayers to enhance their effectiveness.

Voodoo: Voodoo practitioners use similar bags known as gris-gris bags. These bags are filled with items that correspond to the practitioner’s intentions and are believed to hold significant spiritual power. Gris-gris bags are commonly used in rituals to achieve desired outcomes.

Wicca and Paganism: In Wiccan and Pagan traditions, charm bags or spell bags serve similar purposes. These bags are created during rituals and spell work to harness and direct energy towards goals such as love, protection, or prosperity.

Shamanism: Some shamanic traditions utilise medicine bags filled with sacred items gathered during spiritual journeys. These bags are used for protection and to maintain a connection with spiritual guides.

Folk Magic: Various folk magic traditions worldwide have their versions of mojo bags. These bags are typically used for protection, healing, and attracting good fortune.

In contemporary settings, people interested in New Age or alternative spiritualities might use mojo bags to explore different spiritual practices. These seekers find mojo bags a tangible way to connect with and direct spiritual energy.

How to Use
  • Hold the mojo bag and focus on your intention. Visualise your desire clearly, infusing the bag with your personal energy.
  • Enhance the power of your mojo bag by anointing it with an appropriate oil (such as love, money, or protection oil) and reciting a prayer or affirmation that aligns with your intention.
  • Keep the mojo bag close to you, in your pocket or bag, to continuously attract and radiate your desired energy.
  • Periodically recharge your mojo bag by re-anointing it with oil, reciting your prayer or affirmation, and spending a few moments focusing on your intention.
  • Treat your mojo bag with respect. Store it in a safe, clean place when not in use, and avoid letting others touch it to maintain its personal energy connection.

Embrace the magic within you and let the Enchanted Mojo Bag lead you to a life filled with love, prosperity, protection, and spiritual enlightenment. Perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners, this powerful talisman is essential for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual journey.

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