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Conjure oils, often called spell oils, are staples in various spiritual practices. They are considered versatile tools for enhancing rituals and manifestations. Each oil is meticulously crafted, often containing a blend of essential oils, herbs, and sometimes crystals, each ingredient selected for its specific energetic properties.

10ml bottle with evident caps & dropper.

Please complete the form below with all the information relevant to your situation and intention. Please add your email so we can message you if we need further information or have any questions. All information submitted is completely confidential and will not be stored or shared under any condition.

All bespoke items are non-returnable and non-refundable. The photograph is for illustrative purposes only; all items are unique and vary depending on their purpose.

Spiritual consultations are also available, and you can find more information here.


Custom conjure oil meticulously crafted in-house to enhance your spiritual journey. These oils are composed of blends carefully developed by our knowledgeable proprietor, who draws upon a wealth of experience in spiritual traditions. Due to the proprietary nature of these blends, the specific components remain exclusive to our creator’s practice. We advise caution for those considering topical application. Please note that these conjure oils are intended solely for external application.

Conjure oils are diverse. They can be anointed on spell candles to amplify intentions, added to floor washes to cleanse spaces, or used to consecrate talismans and altar items, infusing them with the desired energies.

Our custom conjure oil is accompanied by a personalised guide tailored to your unique practice. Whether you are drawn to particular deities, spirits, or energies that resonate with your personal or religious beliefs, we cater to these specifics to create an oil that aligns with your spiritual path. For those new to this realm or uncertain of their needs, we offer guidance and craft a conjure oil that suits your journey into the mystical.

It is important to note that while conjure oils are powerful aids, they should be used with caution. Certain essential oils present in the blends may not be suitable for pregnant individuals.

In addition to their spiritual uses, conjure oils can be applied in various ways. A few drops can be added to a wallet or purse to attract prosperity, applied to business cards to enhance professional connections or added to a floor wash to protect your home.

When using conjure oils, it’s essential to set clear intentions. As you apply the oil, visualise your goal: peace, love, abundance, or protection. This focused intent, combined with the oil’s energetic properties, creates a powerful synergy that can aid in manifesting your desires.

Our custom conjure oils are a product and a personalised experience crafted to support and enhance your spiritual practice. With mindful use and respect for their potent nature, these oils can become a cherished tool in your spiritual toolkit. Remember to use them responsibly, especially during pregnancy, and enjoy the journey they facilitate in your personal growth and manifestation work. Always keep in mind the power of intention and the belief in the energies at work, which are the true essence of any spiritual practice.

Custom conjure oils are made to order; we only accept orders with moral intentions. Whether you call it spellwork, manifestation, or prayer, our products are made to assist your own practice.

Common orders: Banish Unwanted Spirits, Blessings, Change Luck, Clarity, Collect Debt, Commanding, Confidence, Connect With Spirits, Court Case, Cut Ties, Disarm Enemies, Exam Revision, Exam Success, Fast Luck, Focus, Friendship, Full Moon, Grief, Grounding, Happy Family, Happy Marriage, Health, Healing, Inner Strength, Jinx Removal, Keeping Money, Letting Go, Lover’s Attraction, Meditation, Money Attraction, New Business, New Lover, New Moon, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Psychic Protection, Prosperity, Protection, Remove Blockage, Reverse Evil, Road Opener (New Opportunities), Same Sex Attraction, Self-Love, Sexual Energy, Stop Gossip, Successful Business, Success, Uncrossing.

Do get in touch if you would like to book a consultation to assist with your requirements. Spiritual consultations are sessions where individuals seek guidance, support, or insights into their spiritual journey, personal growth, or overall well-being. Meaningful conversations are held to understand and address individuals’ concerns, questions, or challenges in various aspects of life, such as relationships, life purpose, and spiritual development. Bespoke rituals, including spell candles, may be offered to assist with your issue.

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